Let’s Hug Ren-chon.


I’m sure most of us would like to hug Renge. Although we’ll probably straight up be denied like Natsumi is right in here in the screencap.

We’re up to episode 4, and holy hell. Season 2 is even better than the first one. No, I can’t dare compare it. It’s simply Non Non Biyori as a whole being good. A damn fine show that’s perfect for relaxing your goddamn soul right to the fucking core. I also sometimes gets too frickin’ aggressively relaxed and happy when shows like this appear. It’s like some sort of energy displacement occurs, causing me to over-enjoy the show. I get so hyped, that it starts a cascading effect that amplifies my enjoyment of the show. I just end up being unnecessarily scintillating with joy when Nonday rolls around. I’ll sit in my chair with energy at 350.00%, unable to restrain it from shaking my body, but I’m completely fine not moving an inch, because why waste energy when you can enjoy Non Non Biyori with all of it? It’s an uncanny efficiency rating that the automobile industry would be jealous of. I’m not even sure what the fuck I’m talking about anymore.

I really like Non Non Biyori. I highly enjoy the comedic timing and usage of music throughout the show, and the director has never let me down so far. I was kind surprised to learn he did Kokoro Connect, which I watched, but thought was quite flawed. Maybe he’s just better at doing slice of life comedies.

Thanks Katsuwara Shinya. Mondays have never been better.

(Episode highlights if click.)

Let’s Hug Ren-chon.

Non Non Biyori, AOTY Edition


Bitches, you’ll sit down and relax your bones to the point of “Holy crap, I’m so chill right now.” while looking at loli and tanuki. This show is so fucking badass. It’s definitely gonna be the sleeper hit that everyone is going to pay attention to. Otherwise the skies will burn of vengeance and color your world into a velvet blood, while packing your intestines into lust wrappings. Get ready for the weakest injection of moé this season with Non Non Biyori, all of you assholes. Every single one of you. Suppositories will be a viable alternative for you stronk humans with accepting butts. I’m calling it here. Non Non Biyori: Anime of the Year 2013.

The last paragraph is a bit over-the-top. I hope you’ll pardon my extreme hyperbole and just let it slide. This show is about little girls that make you feel good. (Go ahead. Get it out of your system. Yes, innuendo.)

Warning: this show does not contain manliness, complex personality problems, drama, male character development, or plot. Side effects include ruptured nutbladders and/or drowsiness.

But if you’re like me, you’ll lap it up like the natural pervert we all are. It has everything on the list we care about.

  • Loli? Check.

Okay, fine. I’m also watching it because of Asumi Kana. I’ve always been the kind to at least give a show a chance due to favorite seiyuu taking part. This show is seriously slow paced. It didn’t achieve very much in the first episode. Segments segue rather suddenly. Very small amount of frames dedicated to superfluous little details, if at all. I’ve mentioned something similar in my last post about Yuushibu. We can assume that Silver Link, the studio producing this show, is holding their cards conservatively. I do find the token loli, Miyauchi Renge, a little more enjoyable with that eye shape, instead of that typified almond shape that’s synonymous with innocence. She’s cutely innocent in the manner that her reality will occasionally get crushed via her interaction with the transfer student, Ichijo Hotaru. (Yes Renge-chan, you do live in the countryside.)

It’s already relying on long comedic timing for humor. I’m pretty hopeful though. Mayhaps it’ll ramp it up once we’re used to the mood and atmosphere they spent an entire episode setting up.

Non Non Biyori, AOTY Edition