Yonsemonogatari – Not safe for anything. ANYTHING.

I haven’t been as excited for the insertMonogatari series. As much as I like SHAFT, the material is starting to feel text heavy — as if it weren’t already. So far the only thing that I’ve noticed is the massive upscale of fanservice the show provides. Character interactions are feeling a little better, since it’s no longer Senjougahara-centric as Bakemonogatari was. But that’s probably my bias again, since I’m such a faggot for Yui Horie’s voice. The near OVA like production quality in the first episode was probably a sign that SHAFT finally came into some good money after Madoka Magicka’s stint.. and soon thereafter blowing it all on said episode. I think the art quality has taken a small dive, but some sequences still show consistency and maintenance. The bath scene that the above screencap comes from is a section that contains a large amount of drawn frames for something that easily could have been pared down to half, or even a quarter of frames used, and still be well animated. I’m curious if hiring additional frame checkers would have mattered.

Now, about the screencap I have provided.

On one hand, this screencap is obviously dangerous to look at in a workspace, and/or if you’re still paranoid about someone watching over your shoulder who might think, “A show about watching two persons in a bath?! Questionable! I must report him/her.” Context is a very important thing, and not everyone is able to process SUCH advanced thinking in such a short time span with limited information. On the other, you could have told someone they were brothers, and it’s Japan. Then the chain of thought changes to, “Oh. That’s right, people in Japan have those public baths.” It’s possible someone would call you out on it, declaring that a blonde couldn’t possibly be brothers with a black haired character. You would then rectify the misunderstanding by saying, “It’s anime.” Or maybe even: “Brothers-in-law. Separate mothers or fathers. Happens a lot in anime/Japan/Easter Island.” If you’re lucky, they won’t even bat an eyelid at the Easter Island bit.

What the fuck, right?

Also, sorry for the bad Japun in the title. (Japanese word pun. You know. Except I did it in English. I tried to combine 4 and story together. Fourth story. It’s the fourth episode. Clever? Of course it is. Maybe it still works in Japanese. Someone confirm for me.)

Yonsemonogatari – Not safe for anything. ANYTHING.