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Compact Thoughts About Nisekoi S2


Last time while watching Nisekoi, I found myself being irritated with high-school love anime. Now what am I doing watching Nisekoi S2? For the humor mostly. Chitoge’s giant grin in the above screencap was sort of a relief when the rest of the episode was sort of only adequate for my liking. I really do enjoy her character the most, which is quite rare for me, since I typically don’t go crazy for main characters very often. So that grin made me laugh. I’m also not the type of person who gets side-splitting laughs unless it’s truly out of left field physical or sudden humor among close friends. Even if I¬†were laughing as hard as I ever did, I get incapacitating laughter. My shoulders move and I hunch over, or I just sort of plant my face into a table if I am at one. If that is not viable, I just sort of employ my fist to smash my mouth shut or bite it to try and divert my attention.

Don’t get me wrong. Nisekoi, sadly, hasn’t actually gotten me laughing that hard. While I like laughing, if it gets in the way of experiencing said humor, I’d like to continue laughing without my own bodily functions drowning out the source of my enjoyment.

Chitoge’s waifu meter is slowly passing 15%. Yeah, I know. I barely have any waifu. Even Chihiro from TWGOK realizes how much of a non-waifu person I am, despite being this addicted to anime.