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I’m just going to leave this here….

This is the thought process Ugha goes through. Who is Ugha? You'll find out soon.

Hey there. I’m TeaOfJay, the new guy here on Maserbeam Dot Com. Mainly I’ll be writing about games on this site.

The image you see is a preview of something that I’m going to be doing soon on this site. Feel free to speculate about it as much as you want.


Enter, the VOtaku…

Miku vs. Loser

Koda-P here, I have been thinking for some time now about how I should start an introduction post, and I decided to go plain and simple:

I am a music-composer by hobby and career currently meddling in Game Music for indie projects as well as producing VOCALOID music for fun.

I will be joining this blog mainly to report on small musical discoveries that I make, but also to cover other non-related topics (such as one article-series that will be appearing very soon).

With this, I hope to be an informative, but entertaining source of knowledge to you all.

As a wise man once said: “Bye!”