Shady locations lit up with noble gases. (Neon Alley)

I’m actually rather tempted to try out Neon Alley instead of Crunchyroll. Why? Because it’s dubbed content. And thanks to my About page on this site (Which I wrote.), it says all I do is watch english dubs. This is contradictory because there’s anime out there I wouldn’t be able to watch without reading subtitles, like Maria Holic.

Watching a dubbed anime is almost universally acknowledged as the worst thing you can ever do as an anime fan. Well, fuck that ideology. I don’t care if your rebuttal is that you have no problems reading a subtitle then looking back at the action, you don’t miss anything. If I personally recount any amount of times that reading a subtitle has resulted in me missing out on an integral scene or visual cue, it’s ZERO. I’m often watching anime on my computer monitor, which is large and close enough that spending any fraction of time to read a subtitle means that I’m no longer looking at the center of my screen. The counter argument never considers that the other person is just as capable as the one contesting the idea that everyone should just die because they can’t be bothered to read a line of subtitling. Sometimes the only reason is we want to listen to the voice and understand it.

So why is Neon Alley more attractive than say, watching CrunchyRoll? Personally, it’s been a UI thing. I do not like the way CrunchyRoll’s site looks nor fuctions. I have no idea what Neon Alley is going to look like. A fresh start won’t stop me from trying it out.. unless it’s just as bad as Crunchy Roll. But that’s why I’m going to try it out. Also, I’ve been lured in with the fact that Rinne no Lagrange and Tiger & Bunny are showing up on Neon Alley. I really enjoyed those shows, so I gotta hear what those are like. I believe T&B has a high chance of getting good voice acting because of the amount of characters that need to be voiced. You can’t get away with subpar performance on a show with that huge of a cast. It just won’t fly with me. If it sucks, well, dammit.

If anything goes as well as I’d like it to, Neon Alley will end up having a modicum of quality, or maybe even a high standard of production that you can’t help but realize it’s a viable way of watching your anime. I want to be optimistic. Yes, I’m trying to ignore that Naruto is on the list of shows. But hey! There’s also Death Note and Inuyasha, two shows which have respectable dubs. Who could ever forget that impeccably translated “I’ll take a potato chip, and eat it!!” scene from Death Note?

Seriously. Go check out Neon Alley. You might like it. I might like it. Your friends might like it. Facebook has nothing to do with this blockquote.

Shady locations lit up with noble gases. (Neon Alley)