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More to Love. Ru.

Why do I watch these shows?! Oh, right, the shameless fanservice employed. And in particular, Mamiko Noto voicing the character in the above screencap. Her voice just has such a strong wispy sound that even when her characters call for a stronger emotion or entirely different character archetype, you can definitely tell it’s Noto. Almost in the same way Satomi Arai can’t avoid being instantly recognized unless directed to avoid previous voice patterns. On a related note, it is with sadness that I noticed Peke is no longer voiced by Arai, but now voiced by Aki Toyosaki. But I can’t complain, since the new season gave us a scene with Aki using her voice as a deadly weapon: 18 minutes and 30 seconds into episode 4. Oh god I didn’t expect Aki to have a special sexy voice.

Yeah. I’m still enjoying this season. I’m so easy to please.