Three shows, one post. (DenpaOnna/Gintama/Steins;gate)

These three shows I have pictured above — Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, Gintama, and Steins;Gate — have a couple of things in common.

Talking heads is one, and is the biggest time eater. The amount of action we’re given is practically zero, save for Gintama. You could say Denpa Onna and Steins;Gate have no other recourse — the action of those shows have to be character centric and information reveals. Steins;Gate has it the worst since its the closest to being an exposition festival. I’ve since gotten acclimated to the typical anime style deluge of information, but sometimes you just gotta break it up and go watch a Kung Fu movie to see some action spring up out of nowhere.

They all have one anchor character I enjoy. Cute & Spicy Ryuushi, Straight Man Shinpachi, and .. Kurisu are characters that keep me coming to watch their antics. Ryuushi would bonk me for calling her that, Shinpachi would take a jab at my inability to call Ryuushi by her proper name, and Kurisu would spout some internet meme applicable to the situation and then act embarrassed. Great characters, and great voice acting. I can’t help but admit that the seiyuu alone can force me to watch an anime.

The next thing they have in common are camera angles. SHAFT can’t help but experiment with their angles — it’s a hit-or-miss kind of thing. Fortunately, it’s not so bad that it becomes obnoxious. Gintama exploits super dramatic angles when needed. Steins;Gate needs to keep thing interesting with angle work to propel a certain mood. It’s uncommon for these shows to use a simple and head on camera angle, and when they do, it’s often used at a meta-like level, understanding the expectations of the viewer. I’m probably over thinking it. Makes me wonder what would happen if an anime utilized Western sitcom-like camera direction.

Them camera angles. For some reason I’m a sucker for it.

Three shows, one post. (DenpaOnna/Gintama/Steins;gate)