What’s the SHAFT Headtilt doing in my Atelier?


What? What in the world is the SHAFT headtilt doing in my Atelier Escha & Logy? Has it reached critical mass and is now spilling into other studios?! Does the angle increase the more infected a studio is? What happens when it exceeds a 90 degree angle? The world.. may never know.

Although, this is a perfect time to mention that I have been watching the show. It’s my guilty pleasure for this season. Really. Yeah. I think I’ve lost my soul to the moé faction permanently. Don’t worry. I still watch all of the AOTS of the season. (Yay for recursive acronyms/phrases. Because they always seem to piss somebody off.) Speaking of recursive acronyms, SHAFT can be one as well. I present this to you: SHAFT headtilts are full tilts.

Have fun with that one.

Okay, sorry. If you’re expecting at least a minor blurb about this show, here’s one. I mentioned this show was a guilty pleasure. I lied, because I’m fully basking in the pleasure of moé blobs, sitting here in my chair being fucking relaxed while the show bombards me with moé radiation. I’m just more inclined than the average anime fan to watch shows that don’t aim to have epic branching storytelling full of deceit, love, anger, love, treachery, drama, love, power-levels and hearts. Escha Malier, our female protagonist, is one easy going alchemist. She spends all her time being cute, while wonderful flashes of inspiration for alchemy occur at the perfect moment. To be fair, the anime has to shorten the time players of the game spend on the crafting menus. So we get hilariously short scenes of intense alchemic creations being synthesized in mere seconds. I’m sure it’d at least be three minutes of menu navigation in the game before you realize which item you were supposed to be crafting several in-game days ago. (Accuracy and validity of statements are probably off, since I haven’t played the games. Yet.)

I also didn’t expect Marion to sit so squarely in my love-sights. The combo of short black hair, white work blouse, knee length skirt, and stockings are too perfect. And she’s 26 years old. If she’s looking like that at the age of 26, I’d totally.. uh, start a family with her. Mmhmm.

Hang on. Does this mean she just might oust Chihiro’s (TWGOK) title as being the only character I’ve ever claimed to be ‘my waifu’? I think so!

What’s the SHAFT Headtilt doing in my Atelier?

Archive is such a nice word.

It’s also something this site never had quick access to. Wasn’t until today I realized that pressing that NEXT button all the time to see older entries would get tiresome quickly. So I implemented a pull-down menu. Then I decided to use it. Holy cow, it sure was weird seeing that I used to post entries that were only 3 sentences. And the actual frequency of updates. I’ve put effort into trying to create posts that had a minimum of 250 words. This guideline I’ve imposed on myself sure made me add filler words as much as possible. It slowed down post frequency. My writing style started to look forced and dumb.

I’m going to try to be a bit more straight forward. I want to be straight forward. I don’t know how much other people care about writing ability. Most people don’t, but for those who do, all it takes is one poorly written sentence before they leave. Looking back through the archive sure was a pants kicker. Maybe you like my writing style, maybe you don’t. All I know is that I’m never satisfied with the way I write because I want my writing to be easy to understand, and I desire the ability to at least inform — if not influence — others through words.

Getting feedback is a near impossible feat. Only a handful of people seem to visit this site; half are most likely people I know in real life. As much as I desire brutal honesty from my friends, they’re still friends. It’s much harder to impress a complete stranger. I’d like to ask directly anyone that manages to read this, why are you here? Dislike anything? Or is it okay?

Lay it on me. Go ahead. I can take it. (I think.)

I’ll be killing myself with moe radiation in the mean time.

Archive is such a nice word.