Actual Graffiti


No, there’s no actual graffiti in Koufuku Graffiti. But there’s tons of shots where it’s like watching those Pantene Pro V commercials, with girls sultrily swoofing their hair through the air. It’s silly. Perhaps the only reason why it feels so gratuitous is because SHAFT can’t help over doing it. The two most common reaction I have to these kind of scenes: Balling up my right hand into a fist and pressing it against my mouth as if in shock, but instead am trying to prevent a giant shit-eating grin, or simply strongly leaning backwards in my chair while brandishing my teeth in apparent disgust or awe.

I’m not sure who.. no, I know exactly who is watching is show and whom the show is targetting. But I wouldn’t pin down the reasons, because frankly, the only apparent substance to the show is in the presentation alone. The visuals are vibrant and decently animated. This shouldn’t be a surprise when SHAFT is involved. SHAFT’s prowess in delivering a low tempo show came to bear during Hidamari Sketch, one of the few shows that really lends itself to their production style.

But there’s limited character development. The only thing that seemed to be a point, is that Kirin is some sort of catalyst for inducing fuwa fuwa and poka poka feelings during heart-warming scenes. And there’s also the close-ups on the lips while they eat. Mmhmm. Totally not sexually suggestive.

It’s definitely the one show this season that I can watch with very minimal emotion investment or intellectual processing. No need to psyche myself up to be in the mood.

Nonaka Ai’s voice, man. Just always seems to sound like Fuura Kafuka to me 100 percent of the time. Although I do visualize Touwa Meme because that character was even more memorable than Kafuka was.

Actual Graffiti

Round Heads Are Moe

its_a_guy myu exquisite

Mahouka continues to be somehow boring and interesting to me at the same time. On one hand, it’s pacing is now jumping around a bit, and things are looking spotty in the pool of motivation that everyone is no longer standing in. Also, a new arc is jumping in after the terrorist one sort of just disappeared after Mr. Eyeglasses got his arm cut off. That’s probably where the issue is. But I have been saved by Erika’s bloomers, Nakajou Azusa’s round head, and Leonhard’s interesting inbetween frame that looks like it belongs in a Studio 4C film. I’m surprised they drew the individual teeth.

And then there’s the first picture I’ve placed to the left. That’s a guy, right? His character design can obviously allow for a masculine jawline and eye shape. Just look at the other characters. Hell, look at Tatsuya or muscle man Juumonji. (Jumanji.) But no. They gave him a face that is just so feminine.

I’m not going to harp on the “badness” of this show just for the kicks. Besides, you’ve got several other blogs doing that for you. The one bad thing that glares out to me that this show is doing, is letting Tatsuya be this badass without even a mote of explanation nor hints. Only Miyuki  — and presumably all the persons and professionals that surround the Shiba/Yotsuba family — knows why Tatsuya is the way he is. Without due exposition, everyone is going to keep calling Tatsuya a Gary Stu. For all I know, perhaps he’s supposed to remain as a Gary Stu.

Oh well. I prefer Tatsuya more than SAO‘s Kirito, whose legacy to me is merely his declaration of “penis hearts”.

Round Heads Are Moe

Mashiro vs Suetsugi


Watch as the moé blobs grind their teeth to intimidate their foe and signal their intent. In this display of ferocity, we are witnessing the ritual of rivalry between such endearing creatures. A maelstrom churns.

More and more I have come to adore Suetsugi Konoha. Most of it is probably Fujita Saki. I’m starting to hear a little bit of Inami Mahiru from WORKING!!, but I suppose at this point Fujita-san wasn’t necessarily asked to provide more than a high school girl’s voice. It’s also quite obvious that Mashiro’s voice is so hammed up. At least it better be, otherwise I’m not trusting my ears again when it comes to listening to seiyuu. I can’t imagine her seiyuu’s voice sounding so naturally squishy and pomfy.

It’s also quite the surprise to see a side character having a rather prominent role in pushing the plot forward. Normally, the opening sequence would have spoiled most elements, which is the primary reason I skip it. It’s simply too easy to decipher. Speaking of which, I decided to watch three episodes of Gundam Build Fighters, and holy shit that was so prepackaged and uninteresting. Stay away from watching the OP at all if you don’t want to spoil the first twenty episodes to yourself. Maybe it’s just my bias showing again. I need to remind myself sometimes that not all anime is geared towards people like me. But at the same time, I can still watch a shonen series like Hunter x Hunter. Maybe it’s mecha I don’t like anymore.

Wait. Why am I talking about mecha?

Suetsugi as the current plot technician doesn’t feel too cliché, despite invoking said cliché. Things have been progressing on the established couple — Kobeni and Hakuya — too far to make Suetsugi a decent love interest. Is she going to become a wrench in the metalworks, or simply provide a pragmatic perspective on marriage? Either way.. I want doujins of her.

None of the fair maidens in this show are quite ‘my waifu’ material to me. I would say Benio, but she’s kinda crazy. I say Benio is crazy, but I often have the exact reaction she does to romance-comedy situations. Sometimes such corny and vanilla love elements really do incapacitate my ability to think rationally.

Mashiro vs Suetsugi

Married to a Stranger


The angle is perfect. I’m fully expecting a menu to pop up with a list of special attacks. Like a “Moé Moé Cannon” of some sort. Or breast missiles.

I haven’t said a thing about this show since the beginning of the season. Part of it was due to a drop in watching priority. Yet when I caught up to the latest episode, it’s a show that I know now that I wouldn’t have shoved to the wayside. It’s made by Dogakobo and has Mashiro-tan. What more could I ask for? In fact, Engaged to the Unidentified already has something I didn’t expect, which is Fujita Saki voicing the blonde lass. That hair ribbon is a nice touch. The overall character design is rather pleasing to the eyes. I guess that par for the course if it’s supposed to be a festival of moé.

I should be used to anime hair after so many years, but the amount of hair Suetsugi-san has is uncanny. First it flares outwards above her shoulders, but is also long to reach her lower back. It also expands horizontally before reaching the end. Just how much does that weigh? Oh well. She’s wearing thigh-highs so it’s all good.

Engaged to the Unidentified has done well so far. The plot is generously laid out, instead of waiting as long as it can before the show wraps up. Consistency seems to be the main game here, and it’s already shoved its way past other shows in feel-good vibes. I don’t normally appreciate high-school love stories (or are these characters in middle-school? damn the visuals) since I’m way past being a kid, but there’s zero melodrama for me to deal with. That’s pretty nice.

That’s what this show is. It’s quite nice. I supposed you can lump this show into the iyashikei category.

At first I was all Mashiro-tan is cho kawaii but then Suetsugi shows up and now I want to her thighs. HNGs’bro.

Married to a Stranger

Defragment. – 07


I laughed pretty hard at this situation. Shibasaki Roka is proving to be one of my most favorite characters in a very long time. Not only that, the resultant reaction is quite artful. It’s my new desktop background as well.

I honestly went into watching D-Frag. only on the basis that a specific meme had spawned from the original manga. Who knew I’d get a nice full-course comedy dish? Even the character design itself lends to comedy. There’s something about this art style and production that seems familiar to Gintama. I can’t seem to cross reference any shared staff, though. And goddamit, Funabori is an unexpected moé bomb. I thought I would’ve gotten my dosage only from Roka. It also isn’t helping that I was reeling from realizing who was voicing Funabori. At first, I was suspecting Toyosaki Aki. I doubted it. Then I checked, and it was her. I don’t know how long her name was listed as being Funabori. Man, I’m droppin’ the ball here. I keep forgetting Toyosaki has a pretty good range. Maybe they simply told her to try to avoid that minor raspy sound she tends to have. It’s usually obvious to tell it’s Toyosaki when she pronounces the “h” sound. Curse them for not putting Toyosaki in more interesting roles. I’d like to hear her as a domineering character with loud presence. (This is me potentially and completely forgetting a character I’ve just seen her voice as I’ve described.)

To balance out my enjoyment of the show, currently the series is relying on previous episode setups for its laughs. I can’t see the character specific humor yet. I’ll have to admit that many elements feel commonplace in the anime realm. It could be a pretty big damper to those who are always wanting absolutely fresh comedic material. It’s in familiar territory, although things like the maximum appreciation for Funabori-effort felt new. Perhaps only because her face when it happens is FUCKING MOÉ AS HELL. Other than that, the show is boob jokes, awkward faces, and Shizuka Itou. Life is pretty good, eh?

.. Okay, having Hanazawa Kana as Roka is also a major point.

I now refuse to tack on the ! at the end of D-frag‘s title. In fact, I’m now going to put a period before the name itself just so it’s similar to .hack//.

It’s also still weird to know that Brains Base is making this show. Due to Akikan. In fact, buy the DVDs for your loved ones. Because love hurts.

Defragment. – 07