Maserbeamdotcom  Angry god fists are a dime a dozen.

I can’t help but read it as Yume Nikki every time.

Is so sexy, them lips be.

Those finger nails are somehow sexy. Don't look at me like that.

Yeah. I have that problem of reading Mirai Nikki as Yume Nikki instead. Remember that article on this site (if you’ve actually been a long time reader, thanks.) that was about Yume Nikki? That was thanks to kodakami hanging with me at my house; we stayed awake at 4am theorycrafting about Madotsuki’s journey through that twisted dream world. But no, I won’t turn this entry into something about that.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s now here. And boy am I ready for the rest of Mirai Nikki. As said in a previous post, Mirai Nikki is something I’ve been waiting for. I had read the manga a long time ago, and assumed it was going to be turned into an anime. The format just seemed prime for an adaptation, and look what I get several years later. In fact, I’ve never noticed it until recently that the manga I really end up liking get adapted. Is this a hindsight type of reaction? Maybe. But it further cements the idea that I at least certainly prefer animation.

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