Hassan Chop!


Overlord continues to have nicely timed comedy in the midst of all the serious world building, and a perfect main character to have as a conduit for the viewership. The head bonk also immediately propelled┬áNabe’s character into adorable-as-fuck tier to me. The minion moe in this show is impeccable. That’s always something I can enthuse over. She also reminds me of Aoyama Motoko, the first woman sword-wielder I really enjoyed.

Momonga (aka Ainz, big bad skele-kun) is gamifying almost everything to his advantage while seeking any links to the real world he’s from. I’ve been able to reel back my inner gamer from correcting any obvious mistakes or oversights by any characters, because Momonga is already in the same position to think the same. Yet it’s also an interesting foil against him, because by having such a perspective of his surroundings, he’s often unintentionally tripping flags through minor actions that are rather monumental in the world he’s now in.

For me, the most interesting part of this show is the process Momonga goes through to learn and adapt to his foreign environment. It’s inadvertent world building, and if done right, the least obtrusive. Makes for a more organic and enjoyable experience. No one likes an exposition fairy. Although I suppose I can’t expect such great heights all the time. Always have to be ready to be disappointed.

For the uninitiated: Hassan Chop!

Hassan Chop!