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Hatsune Miku came, and.. hey. No, I’m not going there.

I’m quite impressed with the MikuNoPolis concert. At the moment I’m trying to remember what the set list was like compared to the two other ones (39sGiving Day & Live in Tokyo). The opener was the same as the 39 show, but it quickly escalated into showing off new costumes, songs and dance moves. I have to say that it truly felt like SEGA was trying to 1up the 5pb production, as Miku and company got to show off new threads. And goddamn that mini-skirt yukata plus thigh-high combo from Miku and Luka. My heart nearly exploded from such a beautiful sight. I have to commend whoever worked on the new animation and models. They were superb eye candy. I want to say they made the animation more lively as well thanks to 5pb upping the ante there. Miku and Rin’s eyes in the 39 concert were rather glass-like and unmoving, which may be a bit of a stretch to say. I do prefer the 39 concert at this point due to having access to the BluRay of it, which means the audio was cleaner and mixed properly afterwards. But in terms of presentation, Live In Tokyo had the Vocaloid girls (and Len) moving about with more emotive expressions and attitude. If SEGA can just add in the attitude that Miku had in the previous concert, MikuNoPolis would have been an absolute winner.

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