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Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Shadows and contrast. HDR in my animu? More likely than you think!

The show started off with a weak foot. I didn’t expect to be watching it in chunks of episodes, but I guess that’s how it worked out for me. Lucky for me that I still managed to download them each week. But I pushed myself to watch the last 4 episodes in one salvo. I’m once again disappointed that I’d have to wait again for this show to have another chance at a second season, since this stuff usually only gets one shot. But then again, Maria+Holic S2 is coming along, so I can still hope, right?

Aside from my bias for SHAFT shows until they create an absolute pile of shit (ok.. their joints with Gainax got kind of close), they’ve once again closed Soredemo with a hilarious and possibly tear-jerking episode. Maybe those tears are from laughing, or the drama-bomb we’re given in episode 12. Which one was the reason for you?


RAGEcast #7 – Yay Production

How can you NOT be tempted?

A little late in running, due to me experimenting with things to try and make the sound less crumpled and obese sounding. It kind of worked, but I’ll let you see if it worked.

Most of the podcast seemed to be about being fabulous. In which case, the most fabulous anime this season are Milky Holmes, Togainu no Chi and Star Driver. A couple of announcement reactions as well, since Strike Witches and K-ON! are both getting movies, along with Maria+Holic getting a second season. More wonderful SHAFT productions for us to enjoy in the future, but we also can’t forget that Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru and Arakawa Under the Bridge S2 are already airing.

This seventh professional podcast is brought to you by amateurs, with exquisite amounts of unprofessionalness. We also can’t seem to refrain from saying things that make us sound stupid. We require failtrain my fellow crew. For new listeners to the podcast, we do our best to make it seem like we were recorded while we were naturally talking about anime all day like it’s the only thing we do. Maybe we’ll have a new listener or two thanks to, as it’s our first time being on an aggregator. Please rage carefully amongst the population.

Wait. Patchy’s tower of books isn’t supported at the bottom..


Of Great Importance and Win: Strike Witches the Movie & Maria+Holic

No image will ever depict my happiness about the announcement of a movie for Strike Witches, and the second season of Maria+Holic.

Okay, yes there is:

elated chen by morino hon


Activationeer is a word I wish existed.

Podcast production is low. This tends to happen when my cohorts actually have something to do. Would people listen to 10 minute single-man podcasts? I can’t imagine myself listening to one..

Aside from that, there are three articles in preparation. God of War 3 came out. Ran out and bought that. That day was a great day because the Maria+Holic Complete Collection DVD also arrived at my doorstep. Then it was a week until Metro 2033. I have to say that was the most I’ve ever spent in less than 2 weeks on games and DVDs. Maybe I should go back to my MMOs, pay my subscriptions, and patiently wait for the lovely updates.

Speaking of the updates: podcast stuff. At first I was excited to find out about the Bluemic Snowball USB Microphone. Then I realized it was USB. Maybe I’d still have use for it, like VoIP for games or doing podcasts over Skype. The upgrade path is a rough one. It’s very quick to make obsolete older equipment and you can’t just walk up to a vendor, right-click on your old shit and pick “Sell Item” in real life.

If only I were a real capsuleer.