Mahjong – 06


For a minute, I thought I was looking at an incomplete boat with the sail gone, black rain as long as spears, between two rock formations overlooking a bay of unrendered ocean. But then I saw a tiny triangle that broke the illusion, informing me that I was watching Saki.

The image above is Takei Hisa switch from a moody slump into “Hey, I’m here to have fun, not lose!” mode. And as Hisa starts to enjoy playing, I’m still enjoying the rather fast pace Saki is going at. Perhaps it’s alright since I’ve gotten used to the fundamentals of hand compositions that I don’t have to look up whether or not it’s a mangan (high point hand). The one thing that immediately stood out was this zoom-in on Hisa’s smile. It appears unabashedly in low resolution. It doesn’t help that I watched a 720 video on a 1080 monitor. However, even switching to 1080 didn’t markedly improve the visuals here.

And speaking of visuals, I highly enjoy Atago Hiroe. Her buoyant attitude and strange disposition to run towards her team’s resting quarters is well animated. All this energy and focus on other characters is side-lining Saki pretty hard. Makes me wonder if she’s got something up her sleeves that the director wants to keep under wraps. I’ve been able to stay away from the manga. Wouldn’t want to spoil any goodness coming our way.

Unless something absolutely batshit crazy happens in the next coming episodes, I’ll refrain from a weekly reaction. The weirdly low resolution smile is probably the only thing that stood out like a pink shirt in an army base.

Mahjong – 06