The Zenith of Romance Workshop


I did something interesting this weekend. I played FFXIV the whole time. I’m kidding. Honest. I imagine most people were crying like a Riko (see image above) during the first week when their server was going under maintenance, or they get DC’ed.

I always blurt out to my friends I tend to prioritize atmosphere, art, and music over plot, structure, and characters. While the last set of items do contribute to atmosphere, I personally view them a notch or several below art and music. It’s how my brain just seems to digest it the quickest. I’m not the fastest to discover culprits in detective stories. Nor am I able to analyze plots and characters like others do. It really does kinda suck having it as a weakness. Writing a review hinges upon skilled analysis of plot and characters. I wager I’d be quoting several people if I said that plot and characters can brute force masterpiece-tier legacy.

And I’m totally evading that boat. I bought a ticket on the train without rails. Permanently derailed.

I bought I ticket, too. I kinda regret it.

The Zenith of Romance Workshop

Love Lab Looks Like Yuri


It’s a show about lesbians doing cute things while being animated by Dogakobo. So this means that it’s going have more nonsense key frames that add gravity and bounce to hair, ties, frills, and potentially boobs. I find it hilarious that actions shows are now getting the short of it all, while shows like Love Lab and Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu are getting rather well done angle work, composition, and choreography. Dangan Ronpa is going to have to pull some crazy shenanigans if the only thing people can take away from it is that it’s a “serious” anime because of despair and death, while looking almost as bad as Togainu no Chi.

Okay, fine. At least Dangan Ronpa isn’t BL.

On a lighter note, Love Lab has some interesting sound effects and visual gags. That first himitsu reveal was predictable.. but the sounds that went with it had me biting my wrist in laughter. I guess slapstick comedy is still effective on me. Or perhaps Dogakobo is simply doing it right? We’ve got three episodes to go and see if they’re still the masters of artful, light-hearted, otaku pandering, lesbian antics. Hopefully minus the Chinatsu Tier Artworks.

It’s pretty obvious if you’re going to like the show. And it won’t be converting anyone unless you can somehow appreciate that it’ll get more key frames than our typical seasonal shonen series.

Love Lab Looks Like Yuri