Wood Boundary


I like how much they’ve built up the idea that food absolutely tasteless and sucks unless it’s made by a chef. That’s pretty good timing if you ask me. Didn’t feel too forced, and we got a little bit of food porn, and the resultant typical food orgasm. I laughed.

Log Horizon happens to be another trapped-in-a-game themed anime. And goddamit, I’m going to be hopeful once again while I watch it. It’s such a deep seated desire of mine to see one such themed anime to succeed because once it does, it’s going to permanently earn a seat in the highest of positions. [dot].hack overextended it’s reach and aimed for amazingly ambitious designs that would span multiple media. It only, however, manages to occasionally do anything better than average. Not exactly a good prospect for others trying to pave the way.

Perhaps the trapped-in-a-game theme is weak? I don’t think so. There’s plenty of fiction that would be achieving the same essential theme.

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Wood Boundary