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Late to the party: Dragon Age Origins

Joining the party 10.5 months late, I now have Dragon Age: Origins (PC) and have plugged in my first 10 hours into the game. While the regular gameplay part is great, the cutscenes bother me simply because it’s the stiff animation. This is one reason why I forgive anyone using a simple portrait plus text of a speaking character. I would rather not experience such awkward and stiff movement because it disables my ability to suspend disbelief. Do I have the right to complain about this? Probably not. It’s something to think about however. More often than not, for gamers like me, it only takes a small irksome thing to make us cringe enough to sour our gameplay experience.

I’d ramble on about rage-inducing design choices for game production, but something like that is up for an entirely different post.

At least the combat makes it so that Dragon Age is the closest we’ll get to a modern version of BG2. Only without the pure lethality of BG2-style mages.