Why U Do Dis, KyoAni?


There goes Kyoto Animation again. I’m surprised they’ve been working on a movie at the same time while making this episode. A freaking 47 minute episode, at that.

It was super subtle, but as Kumiko, Sapphire, and Hazuki were walking towards Reina, their standing angle was altered to fit the camera angle. Other people in various forums and social media have already pointed out several other scenes of sakuga I wish I noticed myself – one of them being the falling chalk. But really, the one thing that made me remember what I liked about Kumiko so much were the noises she makes. Several top tier squeaks out of her this episode already. I’m not sure if I can handle this season of Hibike.

Despite my body not being ready for many things this season, this episode spawned my absolutely favorite image of Kumiko, ever.

Thanks KyoAni. I think I can storm through the rest of the year without problems.

Oh yeah. I suppose I’ve got the itch again to write more. Sometimes I just completely forget I have a website, since I’m doing other things. Like playing video games.

Why U Do Dis, KyoAni?

Surprise Hugs Aren’t My Thing


Really, it’s just one of those things I never nurtured as a human being. While most people are fine with it, the most I’ve ever been comfortable with was a handshake. Hibike! Euphonium is a phenomenal show that I think deserves more attention. Even though one could say that it already gets plenty. Hugs have nothing to do with it.. but by golly, the above screencap is exactly how I feel about hugs. My arms are just sort of in the air, and it feels weird hugging anyone. Yes, anyone. Doesn’t matter if girl or guy. Hugging ain’t my thing. What makes it worse is that sometimes they grasp you right above your elbows. The only thing you can do at that point is to feebly close in your forearms and angle your hands to attempt a reciprocating hug.

Occasionally, I’ll get awkward glances and then this snarky question: “What, are you gay?” It’s flawed logic. Have you already assumed that gay people don’t hug? If that’s true and confirmed, then maybe. I still prefer staring at the rumpus of a maiden. The curves of a woman. The highland precipices of Ryuujou. Or the leggy strength of Hong Meiling. I’d rather a girlfriend than a boyfriend, thanks very much for asking. I’ll assume a homosexual identity once I see a male character whose masculine body and charm just instantly make me say “TAKE ME!”, but until then, I’ll just ogle in the direction of the fair females that cross my vision. This obviously changes when you have characters like Totsuka from Oregairu. Suffice it to say, that’s one boy that doesn’t come across as a man, but very nearly as a reverse trap.

Sorry, I’m derailing again. Back to Hibike! Euphonium.

Kyoto Animation still hasn’t let me down. Don’t let this magic ride end, because I’m gonna be fucking disappointed if ever a day comes when such consistent quality becomes more rare than a purple Yubari melon (hint: they don’t exist). As of this week, it’s already 11 episodes in, and I haven’t done a single post about the show, despite hounding the internet for my weekly dose of KyoAni goodness. I suppose I’ll dump all of my thoughts into a closer write-up. (Might end up as a short post of me pretty much saying “WATCH THIS NOW.“)

I would like to stress that Reina hugging Kumiko out of the blue really got me into wondering why I’m so anti-hug. Something about how Kumiko’s voice actress and the general skill of the director managed to elicit my prodding of my own quirks. This is why I love anime. Always seems to get me to look at things, when I would normally never think anything of it. Life is fascinating, you know?

..At least when a director is involved.

I find myself enjoying the afterglow after finishing a show, rather than posting kneejerk first episode impressions. I’ll still do those. Just letting you know my thoughts are more coherent after things are all said and done, when one can finally consume the entire package of animation, sound, and direction.

Surprise Hugs Aren’t My Thing

Defusing the Summer Season via Water


So, yeah. Even though there’s plenty of anime this summer of 2014 to whet your appetite, and none of your apatite, your Free! has arrived with 100% Kyoto Animation, which includes Choice Select Cuts of Man Candy and Faggotry to balance out all of the angst, lolis, action, and moé. However, as we all look upon the upcoming anime season with glee, the above screencap tells the future. There will be times where we can either bask in the glory as Gou does, facepalm with Makoto does, smile and enjoy as a carefree Nagisa, or simply sigh and bow our heads in disappointment as Rei does.

I’ve already been able to do all four. No, I don’t mean the characters. That would just be wrong. Although, a Gou is fine. But only her.

I didn’t mention Haruka because he’s already naked and ready to swim. If you’re like that already for the upcoming season, well, have at it. Most likely you’ll end up like Haruka. Naked, and already going to watch every show this season. Hats off to you.

And take off your hat, before you swim. Unless it’s a swimming hat.

Are there swimming hats?

Oh, and if you’re at none of the previously mentioned states of readiness, you’re probably just as surprised as these people that new anime is already airing. Ready your butts. The hurt is a comin’.

I have a feeling that I’m going to miss out on watching anime this season too, because I’ve been addicted to the game Banished. I love me a good city builder. (Alternate link.)

Defusing the Summer Season via Water

Saki and Mahjong: S&M


I didn’t realize it, but the relationship between Saki and mahjong, is truly an S&M relationship. All these characters just keep abusing the mahjong tiles, and the tiles themselves just take it quietly. Like it enjoys it. Because there’s silly statements made during the show like being “loved by the tiles” or whatever mojo some girls employ to make the tiles obey them and their fantastical abilities. S&M, let it be said. I do have a feeling though that I’m not the first to discover it. Let it be known that I’m too lazy to go find out this specific fact while writing this.

It’s becoming a little hard to find decent screenshots of this show. While there’s random fanservice like after bath scenes, it’s not surprising, considering that the action is limited to when the characters are SITTING DOWN PLAYING MAHJONG. You’d have to develop a strong affinity to enjoying stuff like how a skirt creases around their butt as they sit in their probably comfortable chairs. I’ll be fair to admit to developing said fetish ever since Kyoto Animation randomly focused on animating Irisu’s process of sitting down, allowing us to view the entirety of her hands manipulating her skirt, as they flowed past her butt and primly organized her skirt. The view of such beauty is only more exemplified by the magnificent creases in the skirt as they accentuate where her hips transition into her butt and lovely thighs. Ahem.. Truly, females have no defenses against such perversion. For mine perversion has the strength of folded origami! (Made of steel.)

In today’s viewing of Mahjong, episode 5, I had also developed an interest in Himematsu High School’s team. Ueshige Suzu’s reactions (in episode 4) to the shrine maiden team player was cute. Her hair is also wacky as ever. Although the lieutenant of their team, Atago Hiroe, also has some major crab ahoge. Probably doesn’t count as true ahoge. One can’t ignore the grayish-blue hair that looks like a lunch box tako (octopus) weiner. She looks fine from the front though. Quite cute actually. She also has glasses.

This was also the first episode that featured a match that ended in a single episode. Mako closes out without any flashy techniques, and solidly wins back the big hit Kiyosumi suffered. I felt it a bit dramatic how Yuuki was so disheartened at losing score placement due to a single riichi stick. I guess things balanced out, since something like that would have stuck out like a sore thumb for me. I liked this match, because the build up to it was focusing on Aislinn. The information we were given was biased and favored her. That detail of Ainlinn visualizing the final hands, and her own winning one, was an interesting diversion to how Mako simply brushes past it. Mako’s style of play seems reactionary, and responds quite powerfully against Aislinn’s play style of prediction. Quite similar to Toki’s future vision, so I lumped them together in the prediction style. I personally favor watching the disruptive ones, like Inoue Jun from Ryuumonbuchi.

Ideally, the current pacing will keep going (1 to 1.3 matches per episode) until the really major matches, where they can go wild with the smoke and lightning. There’s still no hints as to how crazy it’ll get when we eventually see the Saki versus Teru match. At least for anime only viewers.

Just realized a lot of my favorite characters have a natural disposition to be flat chested. Other than Office Lady stereotypes.

Saki and Mahjong: S&M

Dr. Chuunibyou or: How I Learned to Stop Being a Faggot and Love Moé


Who is that? Why do you do this Kyoto Animation?! I’ve circled the perpetrator, in red, in the above image. Given the track record KyoAni has with random scene participants, we’re most likely not going to see her again. Remember that one second in the first season of K-ON! when Yui passes by the Occult Club? A smoothly animated silhouette appears before a scene change and she’s nowhere to be found throughout both seasons. The two Occult Club members we do get to see don’t have the hair length of the shadowy figure that randomly appeared behind Yui.

This episode. This episode. I can’t handle a dere (でれ) Dekomori. Such is it that we return to our blessed previous status quo. Although it was interesting to see just how dedicated Dekomori is to the Mabinogion and Mori Summer. Is it boredom, or a coping mechanism? I’m personally leaning towards Dekomori suffering from plain boredom. It does pain me to see such vivid imaginations of chuunibyou sufferers manifest as animated scenes. We all know it looks silly (unless animated by KyoAni). But there’s also the time when you know it looks silly, and then do it anyway. That’s called growing up. Growing up also means taxes, and taxes aren’t fun. Unless you’re playing a city-building simulator, then tax away. How else are you going to fund that chemical reclamation plant?

I have.. methods. (Click here anyway to read.)

Dr. Chuunibyou or: How I Learned to Stop Being a Faggot and Love Moé