Kobayashi Yuu, why? WHY?


Episode 5 was simply a multitude of sucker punches packing the strength of 15 bulldozers, 3 worker ants, 7 ancient Persian spearmen, and 4 strips of breath-saving, minty bubblegum.

From the second you realize that Lucy slept next to someone, you’re then given two facts: it’s a girl, and it’s a Hasebe. Then she pulls the “I’m actually a woman!” trope, which is quickly proven wrong when Hasebe Yutaka walks in. Then you realize Kobayashi Yuu is voicing Hasebe Kaoru, the girl in question. Mere seconds into the episode I had to pause and catch all of that.

Then proceed to get an even more ridiculous revelation from Chihaya mid-way through the episode.

But really. Let’s go back to Kobayashi Yuu. She’s kinda weird. I remember watching the extras for Maria+Holic. She’s a very hyper person. Or at least, can change her temperament on a dime.

Then I also get to think about who else is in this show. Toyosaki and Takahiro are pro. I already know how much I like their work, but I’ve been missing out on Nakahara Mai roles that I enjoy. Wish there was more Miyoshi no deban. The café scene wasn’t long enough. Even Touko was a little cute during that part. Actually, I really think Touko is cute. Her character design is so simple, and rather plain if you remove that perma-angry vein. I’m just kinda waiting until there’s some kind of joke about that anger vein; they are really just flower stickers she puts on in the morning.

Please don’t let Kobayashi draw an end card.

Interesting revelation after I checked Nakahara’s wikipedia entry: I saw every 2003 anime she was in.

Kobayashi Yuu, why? WHY?