Go Home, Natsume.



Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku manages to win while having an absolutely common starter episode that bodes ill for its own fate. Four girls that have nothing to do except be on camera? Well, then! Just roll in the money! But in actuality, it’s rather hard to force people to buy your shit. It’s a wonder how shows that follow this formula don’t actually get that popular. Some sort of critical mass of hype, animation, and marketing push need to synchronize for that kind of thing.

The first episode of this show was absolutely the worst thing I could have watched. But not in the way you’d expect. The content itself was harmless and enjoyable. It’s when your expectations form that you realize, “Oh no. This show isn’t doing anything unique. I may have wasted my time.” I did get that feeling. Part of the reason I stuck around was because of Ibuki Kido. Yeah, it’s kinda of a shit reason to watch a show.

But several episodes in, I found myself enjoying the show. It became another one of those Strike Witch Syndrome happenings. Did I enjoy it?

Oh yeah.

Hmm. I want to say something substantial instead of just proclaiming I’m watching this show. It’s 2 parts Strike Witches, 5 parts moĆ©, and 3 parts tsukkomi-boke comedy. I figured that’d be enough of a hint to let you know whether or not to watch it. I’ll admit it’s low on my priority to catch up to this show. However, it’s a low commitment investment. So just download it and see.

No, I haven’t noticed that the initials spell out KKK.

Go Home, Natsume.