The Eubilliance of Fubuki-copter


Fubuki seems to be a naturally happy person. Seeing as how the reality the ship-girls of Kantai Collection is to serve a military purpose, I normally scoff at such weird juxtaposition of happy MC, and gritty realities/setting. I imagine I’ve seen enough anime to be really annoyed by these things, but apparently I’m just eating up Fubuki’s performance as an MC. She’s got a calmer charm than some high-energy girls, yet as we can see in the above screenshot, she’s still just as loopy as the production team needs her to be. This scene is especially awesome because there’s such an obscene amount of happiness that Fubuki simply can’t contain. Mutsuki quietly sitting there while Fubuki is going happy-helicopter on us, is a fun contrast to that.

There’s something that always happens during these sorts of anime, which has become the Strike Witches Syndrome to me. You’ll take that first episode, and eat it with a silly cadence, say or think, “I’m going to enjoy this!” while jokingly motioning your arm in a pseudo-enthused fashion. Then you sit there genuinely thinking “I enjoying this.” after several episodes. Shows like Kantai Collection can’t normally command the mood in a domineering fashion as Kino’s Journey or Steins;Gate do. Yet even those two shows have managed to control their own flow, and inject their own forms of humor and mood changers without leaving their genres entirely. With that said, I believe Kantai Collection has found its own method of changing the pace, despite the awkward seriousness that occasionally pops up. The show isn’t serious serious, however. Come on. Anthropomorphized ships. Girls with sailor uniforms and steel rigging to hold mini-weapons of military grade destruction.

I believe it’s simply trying to paying its due for having moe ship-girls right next to a war backdrop. (The major conflict is quickly approaching, so let’s hope it doesn’t jump the crust.) It’s not the serious you think you need, but it’s there in a form Kantai Collection can deal with. And it’s with Fubuki leading the charge.

I don’t think I’ve grown so fond of an MC so quickly, but here I am cheering her on. If Fubuki is happy, I am happy.

Yes, I have to admit I’ve been bandwagon’ed into the Fubuki leveling train ship. Hey! At least I had her before the anime started. Yes, I am playing the game. But that was because of danbooru. I blame them. I regret nothing.

The Eubilliance of Fubuki-copter