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Kore wa Kanemoto-san desu ka?

My ears are already betraying me. When I thought I could recognize most voices past character molding, I lost again. Kanemoto Hisako voices the character Tomonori/Yuki in Kore wa Zombie desu ka? and I couldn’t tell. Perhaps it’s such a jarring distance from her voicing Kanata in Sora no Woto. (Her more recent role was in Shinryaku! Ika Musume as.. well, Ika Musume.) I’m fine with that though. It’s always good to see new talent, but lord knows if I could ever spot one on my own. That’s what talent agencies are for anyway.

As for episode 8 of Zombie, I’m completely digging it. The character expressions are varied, and the overall tone of the show still hasn’t lost its momentum. I’m already calling it my favorite of this season, even though there are other series currently airing that may have more substance and oomph. Exchanges between the characters might seem old hat & cliché, but they’ve changed so many of the nuances to fit the characters that it hardly seems copy pasta. There’s a small altercation between Haruna and Ayumu at the end of the episode. I think everyone will understand what part I’m talking about, and anyone’s instinct upon realizing that a trope is fast approaching is to groan. But fear not – because Ayumu’s reaction is silly and awesome.

As much as I love this series, I also lament that current info says it will be only 12+1 episodes. Here’s hoping that Zombie will eventually get a 2nd season.