Witch Craft Works (7&8)


Oh dear. I haven’t had such pacing and mood whiplash in a while. At first I thought the relatively slow burn was nice, but I forgot we’ve got a crazy fire witch on our hands.

Episodes 7 and 8 have highly accelerated the storytelling flow and plot structure. One second we’re wondering what the next week will hold for us when suddenly we’re worried what the fuck is going on every three minutes. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of the school riots was. It was merely to be a side quest triggered because the old council president wanted to get back at Takamiya.. only it wasn’t exactly that. Maybe it was in the original manga.

At this point, I’m going to hold off on trying to chew the story and simply enjoy the fanservice. I still laughed when I realized Kasumi’s only joy in life, which is waking up her beloved onii-chan, is shattered with a scene of Kagari in a pink nurse outfit and ponytail “checking” Honoka’s body. Why is this shit still funny to me after all these years?

Kugimiya Rie’s performance as Chronoire is also delectable. The “old tongue” speaking style sounds silly when it’s coming from Kugyuu. Makes me realize that if it were to be localized, we’d be hearing her say stuff like “Jolly good show, old chap!” in a fancy accent. Please, make it so! I’ve also completely forgotten Asumi Kana was in this show. Sorry, Kana! Too bad you’re a side character.

Urgh. After I’ve managed to get in the habit of categorizing anime,  I’ve realized my tags are a mess. Several Japanese names in both regular and reverse orders. Needs consistency. Which I supposed is an extension of the kind qualities I look for in an anime.

Witch Craft Works (7&8)

Non Non Biyori, AOTY Edition


Bitches, you’ll sit down and relax your bones to the point of “Holy crap, I’m so chill right now.” while looking at loli and tanuki. This show is so fucking badass. It’s definitely gonna be the sleeper hit that everyone is going to pay attention to. Otherwise the skies will burn of vengeance and color your world into a velvet blood, while packing your intestines into lust wrappings. Get ready for the weakest injection of moé this season with Non Non Biyori, all of you assholes. Every single one of you. Suppositories will be a viable alternative for you stronk humans with accepting butts. I’m calling it here. Non Non Biyori: Anime of the Year 2013.

The last paragraph is a bit over-the-top. I hope you’ll pardon my extreme hyperbole and just let it slide. This show is about little girls that make you feel good. (Go ahead. Get it out of your system. Yes, innuendo.)

Warning: this show does not contain manliness, complex personality problems, drama, male character development, or plot. Side effects include ruptured nutbladders and/or drowsiness.

But if you’re like me, you’ll lap it up like the natural pervert we all are. It has everything on the list we care about.

  • Loli? Check.

Okay, fine. I’m also watching it because of Asumi Kana. I’ve always been the kind to at least give a show a chance due to favorite seiyuu taking part. This show is seriously slow paced. It didn’t achieve very much in the first episode. Segments segue rather suddenly. Very small amount of frames dedicated to superfluous little details, if at all. I’ve mentioned something similar in my last post about Yuushibu. We can assume that Silver Link, the studio producing this show, is holding their cards conservatively. I do find the token loli, Miyauchi Renge, a little more enjoyable with that eye shape, instead of that typified almond shape that’s synonymous with innocence. She’s cutely innocent in the manner that her reality will occasionally get crushed via her interaction with the transfer student, Ichijo Hotaru. (Yes Renge-chan, you do live in the countryside.)

It’s already relying on long comedic timing for humor. I’m pretty hopeful though. Mayhaps it’ll ramp it up once we’re used to the mood and atmosphere they spent an entire episode setting up.

Non Non Biyori, AOTY Edition

Western Things in my Animu (TWGOK)

I have no idea why I didn’t expect them, but I was surprised by the couple of western things being referenced in The World God Only Knows S2. The two obvious ones were Snoopy laying atop his doghouse and this episode, we’re shown a South Park styled Elsie when she acts flustered after Keima asks her what were Chihiro’s good points. (No, not the sub group.)

Read more because it’s a 350+ word entry, and I’ll be sad if you don’t.

Western Things in my Animu (TWGOK)

Amagami SS – 21 and over

I pretty much had the same reaction as Miya in the above screencap when I realized that the TV run is ending very soon and won’t have a Miya arc. [sadface.jpg] Amagami has been an odd experience for me since it’s been done in 4 episode arcs per girl. While the Morishima arc was a good opener, I preferred Tanamachi’s story arc. Nakata and Sakurai weren’t very interesting to me, but I managed to enjoy the Sakurai one a bit more because of her VA being Ryoko Shintani. Even then it was a little hard to listen to, since Shintani used a voice that sounded a bit too much like Hito Nami. Nanasaki wasn’t my thing either.

But that cliffhanger for Ayatsuji’s arc has me primed for explosion. That sudden change in her attitude — a huge hint of what’s to come, and easily has me wanting the week to come around already.

In addition to all of this, Kana Asumi has been voicing many characters lately ever since voicing Yuuno in Hidamari Sketch. I can’t get enough of her voice, and the characters she’s casted for are all interesting. She’s easily becoming the female version of Jun Freakin’ Fukuyama. All she has to voice is a crazy bitch in a different series, and steal the show from whatever main characters. Miya is already doing it in Amagami. Now she just needs a bigger profile animu to invade.

Amagami SS – 21 and over