Denpa Kyoushi’s Omelette of Quality


Yeah. Really. Wow. Uh. Dang. That’s half of a lemon. Not exactly the omurice we’ve seen like in Koufuku Graffiti.

As much as this show is one of those shows where you’re watching it anyway because you’ve read the manga, and are curious how the team behind its production are doing, this is one of those moments where you either get angry or sad. For me, I’m just sort of sad. However, am I really that disappointed in the show? Not really, because the manga itself wasn’t some kind of bastion for sakuga either. Denpa Kyoushi’s original manga art was wanting. Still. I don’t think it’s anything to get worked up over. I just sort of laughed at this image and moved on.

If you want to focus on something else, how about that little sister, Suzune? While her VA (Matsui Rena) is obviously a newbie, which isn’t inherently bad, she’s probably within spitting distance of Kamiya Hiroshi (e.g. Hiroomi Souma from Working!!, Itoshiki Nozomu from Zetsubou Sensei and more recently Orihara Izaya from Durara!) when they recorded these episodes. Unless you’ve got the experience, anyone will stick out against a veteran of the seiyuu industry. If you stuck her in a room with similarly skilled seiyuu… she’d probably mix in.

It’s seriously not as bad as you think. At least we’re not getting another Melody of Oblivion.

Almost wanted to punch myself for remembering Melody of Oblivion. But there you have it. Yes, I’m comparing that show to half of a lemon (omurice), and the lemon is a far more enjoyable experience.

Denpa Kyoushi’s Omelette of Quality

Sword Art With Traps


I was sort of wishing for this trio to all wear that same pompadour that the farthest guy sports on his head, but then it actually would have downplayed how ridiculous they actually look. Because pompadours are indicators for revolutions in a convoluted society drawn of conspiracies and demons influenced by jelly-infused doughnuts.

And, oh lordy. Kirito-KUN really got to show off his MANliness while carefully examining HIS outward appearance. I knew it was coming, but it seems they also asked Kirito’s seiyuu to sound more feminine. We just might have another comrade for the Fukuyama Jun and Kamiya Hiroshi, two seiyuu who have the ability to voice female characters. Even if it’s actually not that hard to hear the straining of male voices trying to hit the female voice registers and tonality, you’ve gotta applaud these guys. Welcome to the circle, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. It’s hilarious to witness Kirito resort to imitating female verbal mannerisms and gestures to play right into the mechanics of being a trap. The benefits of hanging around lots of women, I guess. Almost felt like he was trying to combine Silica’s movements with Asuna’s dialogue.

I really hope they play off of the trap version of Kirito. It’ll be the first obstacle we get to watch him overcome during the airtime of the show, instead of being force fed another story that he had a father/mother/cousin that dolled him up pretty at some point because reasons. Anything, please. Kirito needs some hardship.

Seriously. 3 episodes for Shinon’s introduction, and 1 for Kirito. Come on A-1 Pictures, get a little creative. I hope the next one shows us Kirito needing training wheels for a bit. If it were me, I would have spent more time on showing Kirito awkwardly handling a gun. That was the first hint of him developing a brand new skill instead of having one convenient plus, one after another. In fact, spend a few episodes with him trying to deal with it. We know he’s going to off-hand the gun, give him a D&D-esque penalty. Have him fighting while needing to pull off that one clincher shot that fails. It’s important to have him develop character while we’re actually watching him. Stop with the “Oh, right. I have skills.” routine.

Also: Sword Art Online uses Thunderbird Tension Technique on audience! It’s mildly affectionate.

I couldn’t help but facepalm during the meta-game status quo exposition. Oh well. I suppose this is for those in total game-mechanics blackout?

Shinon is voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki. I suppose I’ll cut the show some slack. (Yes, I know everyone spells it Sinon.)


Sword Art With Traps