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Hitsugi no Chaika – 01


There’s a couple of aspects of this show that I’m already highly appreciative. Our hero, under attack by a caring and violent sister, prioritized the safety of the plate and fork. He (Tohru Acura) is portrayed as a だめ男/dame-otoko/worthless person that hasn’t done his part for the sibling’s livelihood, yet they’ve left him a consistent sliver of skill and adaptability. I don’t mind it when he is designed to get us to feel for him. But I do mind it if he’s given something on a silver platter. Not only has the direction of the anime done this correctly, it’s also adopting a “Show, Don’t Tell” facet concerning how the characters are internalizing their feelings. In short, I didn’t notice a ridiculous amount of inner monologue and exposition. I’m going to be eating these words if I turn out to be wrong after this first episode, though.

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I love the smell of 9mm in the あさ!

Quality production animation.

That top image is obviously not indicative of the whole episode’s animation, nor the entire series. But it’s already reminding me of Studio DEEN. What’s going on JC Staff? But hey, the first episode wasn’t that bad as a setup episode. It’s not as flat out wonky, but neither was it near the amount of fabulousness of Star Driver, nor the epicness of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?. I’m also in a bit of shock to realize that Junji Majima’s voice no longer reminds me of Ryuuji, and.. well, Rie Kugimiya just sounds like nearly 80% of her previous roles, not including her obvious standouts like Alphonse from FMA or Kagura in Gintama.

But I’ve been noticing the show feels comfortable. Nothing glaring me in the face saying anything significant, so this is either a blessing or a warning.

I refuse to say anything to the effect of read up more after the jump, because it sounds stupid. This is also the longest link to the full entry I’ve ever done.