Demon Lord vs Potato Girl (not really.)


Suzuno: “Oh no, I think you’ve tripped my flag, Sadao-dono!”
Demon Lord: “…”

Suzuno is adorable. Additionally, she’s voiced by Itou Kanae. After taking a look at the roles she’s had.. good gravy, I’ve nearly watched every show she’s been in. They’ve all been quite interesting characters as well. From the ditzy Elsie of The World God Only Knows, to the ditzy Kashiwazaki Sena of Haganai, Itou-san has had characters that run the gamut of expression. Many of her characters have perverted tendencies, which I find hilarious. Her voice is suited to a calmer type of girl such as Suzuno. But roles like Sanae (Shinryaku! Ika-musume) indicate she’s also good at sounding absolutely crazy.

In this latest episode, I found an amazing piece of detail that I would have missed if I was paying all of my attention to the voice acting. Suzuno and Emi go to a Moonbucks Coffee to continue a conversation. During the dialogue, the camera pans down to show Emi removing the lid off her drink, opening a milk carton while spilling some of it, and wiping up the mess with a paper towel. Suzuno was attentive enough to the process to replicate down to the spilling of the milk. She fist pumps at her success. I found it cute. What’s more, is that even Emi became apprehensive about Suzuno imitating every little thing. All of this while we get a minor info-dump for plot reasons. Streamlined and wicked scene direction. Makes me wonder if all of that was in the light novel.

It’s been a while since a minor detail like that made me laugh.

And that screencap I have above is enough for me to fantasize about Suzuno. What a sudden change in expression, compared to what we’ve seen until now. Man, this show is hilarious in a hundred ways. No wonder I’m enjoying it so much and pressing F5 repeatedly on Thursdays.

The flow of the show is impeccable as usual. For every arc of conflict or event, however minor it is, it has allowed the ends to taper off and smoothly transition to another point of interest within the story — without disruption. I’m almost disappointed this show has been adapted so quickly; it is slated for only 12 episodes according to the usual sources. Please tell me this show is getting a 2nd cour.

Demon Lord vs Potato Girl (not really.)