Kyousoudesuka!? Time + Bread.


Right. It’s a post about Kyousougiga. It wouldn’t hurt to be psychedelic like the show. After all, nothing matters when powder is involved. Just act like time doesn’t exist and bread is the blood killer. (Although, it actually is.)

There’s so much in my brain firing in all cylinders when I watch Kyousougiga. The amorous fidelity that wafts through my nose is 20 percent of everything in the universe. Incidentally, none of the context is lost on the thumbs of my hands. It’s hard to say if it matters on other thumbs than my own. My own eyes have confirmed the beefy speed at which I eat all of the spatial displacement during this show. If you’re having a hard time following what I’m saying, this isĀ exactly what it feels like watching the show. It’s a fantastical feast of fully weird and whacked out art and direction that’s almost way too close to FLCL’s groove and ebb. Just with a bit more LSD. And I mean both forms of it: the drug and the video game.

Ishida Akira and Kugimiya Rie. Two consistent reasons that I shall watch this show for. You can too, if you know who they are. Saito Chiwa is also in it, but she doesn’t have a main role. I did mention FLCL earlier, but it doesn’t look like it has any link to GAINAX whatsoever. Like any shared staff memebers. Would like a confirmation if yes or no. Otherwise, places like the internet say that it’s just Toei Animation making something interesting.

It’s… honestly such a weird show, compared to what else it has premiered alongside with it. Regardless if it fits your fancy, cranks your engine, or provides buoyancy, it fulfills a niche that the rest of the series this season cannot. I give this show all five oranges that I currently have in a nearby fruit basket.

Damn. I just reminded myself of Fruits Basket.

I have 7 drafts of stuff written. Why I never get around to posting as often as this kind of backlog permits, I’ll never know.

Kyousoudesuka!? Time + Bread.