I broke my arm.


To be more accurate, I’m recovering from surgery on my left arm which I had broken ages ago. I am typing this post with one arm. Over time, I guess bone spurs in my elbow had developed due to arthritis, no thanks to my previous injury. It was recommended that I regularly exercise my arm with some minimal weight lifting. But apparently that was contributing to my bone spurs. It had gotten to the point that my range of motion won’t let me work, nor play guitar. I’m in no condition to driver either. Gosh darn it.

With that note, I find it interesting that I occasionally see anime characters in bandages, braces, and arm slings who often look nonplussed. I’m sitting here feeling horrible, dehydrated due to pre-op procedures, and incredibly itchy all over the recovering arm which I can’t scratch because it’s fully covered in a soft arm cast. My desire to do anything productive is gone. But that also meant that instead of doing work, I’m now watching all of the anime that I had downloaded over the past few weeks.

I’ve been watching anime for more than half of my life now, almost as a dedication to the art form that I respect as breaking the mold. Maybe not so much nowadays, but there’s still the occasional great anime that makes you proud and happy for supporting it however long you may have. So there’s that side of anime watching. But right now, I’m watching to simply fill up my time while I’m pretty much out of commission. It has sort of rekindled my love for anime. Able to distract me from the pain in my arm, and lets me enjoy a world outside of my own. I still won’t feel any more sympathetic to injured characters; however, they will sure remind me how much I’ve relied on anime as a painkiller, and as my preferred method of escapism from real life. Let’s just hope I don’t fully escape down that path all the way.

And Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.

rei ayanami drawn by minato fumi (nsfw)

I broke my arm.