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The most annoying Idolmaster episode.

Oh Haruka, why are you next to jelly?

I did not like episode 9 of Idolmaster. It focused on the twins Ami & Mami. I thought I was fine with having such characters around. But when the Merry-go-round of Character Focused Episodes rotates far enough, there’s a high chance of experiencing a character focused episode on the character(s) you’ll learn to hate even more. Is it just me? I honestly found myself skipping throughout most of the episode. Couldn’t bear to watch such a pointless episode. Didn’t even feel like a generic filler episode, that usually is supposed to have some kind of vague point, or some character development in it. What did I learn about Ami & Mami in this episode?

They’re fucking annoying.

I don’t think I’ve ever come to the point of blogging an episode because it really got on my nerves (in a bad way), but this really did it. It was the combination of their voices, and the meaningless plot of “Let’s act detective-like because of nothing” pushed right up in my grill that really got to me. If I’m lucky, this will be the highest concentration of (M)Ami I’ll ever see in any episode.

Ugh. Now that I’m done watching and talking about this horrid episode, I’m off to kick jellies in Vindictus for a silly +2 boost to willpower.


Idolmaster – 7

Really, it felt like they actually answered my wish. It was an episode mostly centered around Iori. And thank you P-san for making Iori blush. It was totemo kawaii. I wonder how many affection points were earned during that scene. The way the episode’s theme panned out was rather cheesy, but I guess it was par for the course.

Something really sidetracked most of my attention for almost the entire episode however, and it was Kotori’s face during her 4 second appearance. That unsurprised face tells more about her character than what most anime are able to do during an entire segment devoted to character development. I exaggerated.. but I really would like an episode dedicated to her since she seems like the one to make jabs at others rather than take it.

Mr. Producer in the background has some kind of magical cup with infinite overflow depth. I want one.


Idolmaster Shows Off(EP6)

Yayoi: “I really want to butt in and correct them on that detail about Chavez and Don Caballero…”

I paused the show to go get a drink, and this scene only had me imagining Yayoi wanting to correct them on something. That particular angle of someone’s head looking at something in the distance always seems to automatically evoke familiar anime norms. I could only hope that Yayoi has such taste in music, but I don’t know enough about Idolmaster. The only way to solve that would be to plunge straight into the games and attempt to read all the moon runes.

I think most people will understand why I’ve decided to join others in blogging about this episode. Episode 6 is rather early to show off your animation budget, but I’ve learned that A-1 Pictures has essentially redrawn the Smoky Thrill dance sequence from Idolmaster 2 for the xbox 360. I saw more animation in one minute than I did watching two episodes of Steins;Gate. I might be willing to pay a high price to see A-1 Pictures fully animate entire songs. Maybe bundle it with the limited edition Blu-Ray as an extra. It IS a show about idols dancing; indulge us a little won’t you A-1 Pictures? It’s not often we get to see such grandiose movement in our anime.

This only makes me more excited to see more episodes. And more Iori, please.