Steel Bar Combat!


Rail Wars is an okay show. I’m not sure what convinced me to watch the show. (Besides that Fukuyama Freakin’ Jun and Horie Yui are in it.)

The red-headed, trigger happy female lead, Sakurai Aoi, is starting to grate a bit on me. She surprisingly stubborn in her perception of the main character, Takayama Naoto, as a coward despite him having the will and courage to step in front of a knife to prevent a civilian from receiving a fatal injury (episode 5). Did she already forget that? Sometimes I wish characters were given a bit more believable personalities, otherwise this credence of mine in the show is going to be destroyed in less time than it takes to cook scrambled eggs on high heat.

I may have over-hyped the show for myself. I was hoping for a Toshokan Sensou type thing to occur. Instead I got a run-of-the-mill anime with a couple of savory ingredients.

If you were interested in the worth of this show, I’d skip it unless you needed some filler between the heavy-hitters of this season. Although, I suppose marathoning it now with 8 episodes to burn through might make one think to just finish what they started, since this show is going to be done soon. I’d be powerful impressed if this show managed a second season due to trains. Not even the regular fanservice was delectable enough that you’d buy the discs just for an uncensored version.

I was able to detect a Chihara Minori in the idol character’s singing style. Her output and timbre are unique enough compared to her contemporaries. But you’d never be able to tell if your only exposure to her was Nagato Yuki. Which did make me wonder what I was about to hear when I heard Nagato’s character album.

Steel Bar Combat!

Dark Cartridge – The Loli Hugging Anime


Give a loli a hug, won’t you? Wait. Don’t do it. Who knows which agency she works for?

I didn’t expect this show (Black Bullet) to be so.. cute, while dispensing gore at no delay. The studio producing this show (Kinema Citrus) has some pretty shiny clean cels going on here. It’s definitely easier to watch a show if the visuals are strong and clean, but I’m not sure how much this will detract from the supposed seriousness side the show was trying to portray. I’m a firm believer that visuals which synchronize with the atmosphere can elevate a show into higher tiers of awesomeness. Take for instance Mushishi and Mononoke. The art style of the former is familiar. However, it maintains consistency by having character designs that do not betray the location (Japan). Not a single character has vivid blue or pink hair. Mononoke fulfills its art direction and creepy vibe with the closest emulation of Yoshitaka Amano’s works.

By the way, don’t take this as if I’m saying Black Bullet is on the same level of Mushishi and Mononoke. For fuck’s sake, it’s only the first episode.

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Dark Cartridge – The Loli Hugging Anime

Yuyushikieiki Yamaxanadu


 So there’s another light comedy anime with girls living life unposed but still directed by a professional man person. Just so we can be assured it’s girls doing cute things at (in)appropriate times.

Not too sure if I want to say much. This anime is going for a double ditz combo with an additional straight man. Are they planning on delivering the jokes at half power from each idiot, or is it full-duplex idiocy with our tsukkomi twin-tailed lass just barely punishing them? It’s like fighting a character that’s all about screen space manipulation with unfair pokes and hit confirms. I’m totally trying to make it sound like I know about fighting games. But I suck at them, so I’ll stop doing that now. And so the only piece of info that is given via ANN is that the three girls join a Data Processing Club.

The art style is pleasing enough. It reminds me of A Channel, only without Yuuki Aoi and Minako Kotobuki. Perhaps a little bit of Nichijou, but with a bit more cohesiveness rather than being a string of non sequitur cuts. But it does have Horie Yui, so all is well! I seriously can’t get enough of Horie’s voice.

Three episodes are out, so now is a good time to give it that usual taste test.

This season I’ve thus had a 100% “success” rate on deciding what to watch. Every single one I’ve decided to watch is after a single episode. Go me.

Hataraku Maou-sama is almost out. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5! IS IT HERE YET?!


Yuyushikieiki Yamaxanadu

Mawaru Penguindrum 1 & 2

It’s a fresh anime! So it’s now time to look at new anime like everyone else has been doing. Do I have a unique outlook? Probably not. Give me page views, please.

Very clean and solid animation, thanks to Brains Base doing the production, so in terms of visual appeal it’s alright. I do remember there being a show of questionably and wildly variable quality done by Brains Base. (Looking at you Akikan.) It seems they’ve also smartly avoided unnecessary expenditures by drawing other humans as mere sign icons. Quite reinforces that clean look — I like it. It remains looking like a regular anime, but with a strong enough style that sets itself apart. As long as the show doesn’t try to ride solely on it’s initial inertia, I think it’ll do fine.

Wait. Nothing about the blushing girl?

Mawaru Penguindrum 1 & 2