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Why am I destroyed so easily?

Ore no Imouto seriously shouldn’t be having this easy a time making my nutbladder explode so violently. Last episode was enough when I heard Yukarin singing that theme song to Kirino’s favorite anime. Now I have Kyousuke’s mom making my face looking like a certain emote in vain attempt to resist HNNG’ing because of her Kirino imitation. In fact, this post and screencap were made just now after I opened the file. I haven’t even gotten through the first minute of the show!

I fear my lifespan has been reduced by 1 hour and 32 seconds.

On an unrelated note, I’m back to playing Call of Pripyat. Need to actually finish the game before Artistpavel of the STALKER Complete mods fame finishes the CoP one. Take that Vindictus! Wait, did I do my AP dailies for today?



My anime shouldn’t be this HNG worthy.

I also can’t believe this is Taketatsu Ayana’s second role I’ve seen this season. Taketatsu is our loveable Azunyan from K-ON!. The other series she’s currently in is MM has Mio Isurugi. Even more still, my lovely Ritsu has shown up once again as Kyousuke’s female friend Manami. Very tempted to make a little graph of the seiyuu in Oreimo to show their past roles. It’s also very odd how close Taketatsu’s enunciation of some vowels sounding unusually close to the way Hirano Aya (Suzumiya Haruhi) does.

There’s plenty of stuff to talk about for future podcasts, since this season also seems to be garnering very strong reactions — which seem to already be polarized to the extremes. Is there really no room for middle ground?