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RAGEcast # 5 (Anime)

This podcast was actually recorded at the same time as RAGEcast 4, so you’ll notice us talking about stuff that’s either old, or already happened.. meaning it’s old. Besides stating the obvious and doing so repeatedly, this is the fifth podcast!

This time we’re switching between various anime like Highschool of the Dead, random K-ON mentions, and remembering whatever we can about last season. The amount of failtrain still hasn’t gone down ever since we’ve started podcasting, so I guess there’s a little bit of entertainment in listening to us sound like idiots while we make mistakes. We changed the format a little bit: I introduce the entire list of probable topics right at the beginning of each podcast, so that within 2 minutes of listening, you’ll know if it’s worth listening to! Nice of us, ain’t it? As much as I’d love for everyone to listen to the whole thing, it’s no good if none of it concerns you.

Oh, I see what you did there. Ha.


Of Mice and Zombies


An interesting post by omo about the usage of the phrase ‘slice-of-life’ sparked a small chain of responses. So we did it the way we can, with our podcast. It’s not a breakthrough in thought exercise, but we’re happy enough to hopefully inform people about the rather ambiguous slice-of-life phrase we tag onto anime. If anything, we manage to add more criteria which lets one be more accurate when pinning an anime as slice-of-life.

And the image above is nekomimi mold. Of all the images I could have used, we went with an idea from the podcast. I’m too lazy to color it the proper cheese-yellow color, so you’ll just have to make do with a bad sketch.

I must know about this nekomimi-mold.


Checkpoint: Highschool of the Dead – Episode 4

おさけ! おさけ!

There’s a reason why I am not providing a screencap of HOTD Eps. 4; a recap episode is not needed this early in a series. I couldn’t help but skip ahead, breaking the tension and mood it may have wanted to create. A recap episode this early. My gut reaction to this series was that I had a hunch that if this series starts off on such a high note, it will stumble upon itself at some point, and leave a very bad taste afterward. I only watched about 10 minutes of new content. It almost seemed a complete waste of time, so I went back to the beginning to watch it without skipping. Only then was I able to confirm to myself that I wasted my time. Ugh. I hope Episode 5 doesn’t end up being the signal for “we already ran out of ideas”.

I’m going to go watch series that anime bloggers lambast for odd reasons and go enjoy myself. And drink おさけ!


Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – Episode 2

Oh, gawd those legs! OH YEA.

*ahem* I am so confirmed to be watching Seikimatsu Occult Academy. Regardless of how flawed the second episode might have felt, there’s still enough strangeness to it that I’m still compelled to keep watching. And GOD THOSE LEGS so nice.. I think I have a new favorite character design. The one piece dress with thigh-high leggings is killing me.

Oh, and [gg] is back to help oversub Highschool of the Dead. God bless their souls.


Say what? Who?

Ritsu shares the same voice actress (Satou Satomi) as Aria from Seitokai Yakuindomo?! I heard a hint of it, but my first guess was someone completely different. Mind blown. It’s such a soothing voice too! I almost thought it was the person who did Alicia, from ARIA the Animation. Although Hisaka Yoko definitely still sounds like Mio from K-ON. Yes, Mio’s VA is also in Yakuindomo. But I like the character she’s voicing this time.

Since I’m already talking about it, might as well spit out my opinions on the show already. Seitokai Yakuindomo looks to be one comfy and slow ride. While the pacing of segments is accelerated compared to most adaptations based on 4koma, it’s letting them fly by fast enough that if it wasn’t interesting the first time, they’ve already moved on. And I guess for now the jokes are stuff that’d make me grin and chuckle.

On a side note, I thought it strange when the flying camera sequence stopped right behind a girls arse to show her pulling up a pair of what I assume to be track pants. I was about to complain about such an odd take on fanservice (I still enjoyed it, anyway) when I realized that Highschool of the Dead is airing in the same season.

One thing to keep in mind is that the director (Kanazawa Hiromitsu) worked on Princess Lover. If it’s any indication, we might end up with an episode or two with some epic lulz, as some were had during PL.

Oh. And Kuroko shows up once again. See if you can spot her!