The power of Hanazawa Kana compels you to watch D-frag because you don’t defragment your hard drive enough. (In actuality, Windows 7 barely needs to do so. The minor improvement from a better algorithm is barely worth the time unless you somehow manage to fragment your drives to the point worthy of–whatever. You’d have your own preferred defragmenter program already if you want an optimized drive that badly.)

I get to use the ‘seiyuu porn’ tag once again. Just look at the seiyuu list; it’s a bunch of power hitters. Koshimizu Ami, Hanazawa Kana, Konishi Katsuyushi, Saito Chiwa, and Itou Shizuka are enough for a giant barrage of audio candy to give your ear canal diabetes. Hanazawa gets to reuse her chuunibyou skills from the Haganai and OreImo series. Koshimizu is surprisingly voicing a mellow character. I’d prefer if they asked her to try a hot-blooded screamer, or some zany bitch, since that’s usually a good vocal thrashing that only the best can handle. Then there’s Chiwa Saito AND Shizuka Itou. Come on.

I will also like to address once again that Konishi Katsuyushi is the MC. The guy who voiced Kamina. Isn’t it sad? You went from voicing one of the more memorable badasses in the history of anime, and now you’re screaming jabs at cute high-school girls with amazing thighs for bad jokes. Actually, that sounds great. To be honest, I want to be in his shoes. Or inside Roka. Oh yeah.

We haven’t seen Shizuka’s character (Takao) appear yet, but it looks like she’s voicing the Alice Margatroid of the show. I’m pegger her as Alice simply because of the hat she’s wearing. Yes, I know it’s not a hat. But it’s a hat. Touhou character can’t get by without their hats. Also, yay, because I get to use the Touhou tag after a long time. I remember when I tried to force it into every post. No effort for this one!

If you look close enough, my post title has a smiling emoticon with a comb over. It’s also clever because of the club’s name that the characters are in. Yay. Shut up.