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Ore no Imouto – 06

I’m finding it hard to believe that this is the one anime that makes me visit TokyoToshokan repeatedly until I see it uploaded, which I then fervently download it like an east Indian rat plague that eats farmers’ crops every 48 years and causes a general crop famine because they exponentially reproduce until the bamboo forest doesn’t provide enough food. [link to what the heck i’m talking]

… Was that analogy too over the top? Plus it’s every 48 years, so that’s actually kind of infrequent. Let’s just say I was hitting F5 until my lovely animu was funneling through my tubes.

Aside from that, episode 6 gave me a healthy dose of Satomi Satou sweet voice in the form of Manami. There was also a zombie in this episode. Even this anime has its fair share of “Let’s put zombies in it to make it better”. It does end on a rather heart-warming note. I’m feeling kind of wary now that I’m seeing the pace of story progression however. If this is the kind of episode I’m getting half-way through the series, what are the rest supposed to be? A little bit of hint dropping happened, but it’s mostly just Kirino emitting dangerous levels of HNNG inducing radiation.

Episode stats:
±0 score
moentgen radiation anomaly spikes during Kirino scenes
radiation generation from Manami
Didn’t suck, but didn’t do anything significant.