Mashiro vs Suetsugi


Watch as the moé blobs grind their teeth to intimidate their foe and signal their intent. In this display of ferocity, we are witnessing the ritual of rivalry between such endearing creatures. A maelstrom churns.

More and more I have come to adore Suetsugi Konoha. Most of it is probably Fujita Saki. I’m starting to hear a little bit of Inami Mahiru from WORKING!!, but I suppose at this point Fujita-san wasn’t necessarily asked to provide more than a high school girl’s voice. It’s also quite obvious that Mashiro’s voice is so hammed up. At least it better be, otherwise I’m not trusting my ears again when it comes to listening to seiyuu. I can’t imagine her seiyuu’s voice sounding so naturally squishy and pomfy.

It’s also quite the surprise to see a side character having a rather prominent role in pushing the plot forward. Normally, the opening sequence would have spoiled most elements, which is the primary reason I skip it. It’s simply too easy to decipher. Speaking of which, I decided to watch three episodes of Gundam Build Fighters, and holy shit that was so prepackaged and uninteresting. Stay away from watching the OP at all if you don’t want to spoil the first twenty episodes to yourself. Maybe it’s just my bias showing again. I need to remind myself sometimes that not all anime is geared towards people like me. But at the same time, I can still watch a shonen series like Hunter x Hunter. Maybe it’s mecha I don’t like anymore.

Wait. Why am I talking about mecha?

Suetsugi as the current plot technician doesn’t feel too cliché, despite invoking said cliché. Things have been progressing on the established couple — Kobeni and Hakuya — too far to make Suetsugi a decent love interest. Is she going to become a wrench in the metalworks, or simply provide a pragmatic perspective on marriage? Either way.. I want doujins of her.

None of the fair maidens in this show are quite ‘my waifu’ material to me. I would say Benio, but she’s kinda crazy. I say Benio is crazy, but I often have the exact reaction she does to romance-comedy situations. Sometimes such corny and vanilla love elements really do incapacitate my ability to think rationally.

Mashiro vs Suetsugi