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Miku & Gumi again.

Yes, they’re back, and I believe my last post on Miku involved these two. But besides that, I don’t write very often for the music section of this site. Let’s rectify that.

I stumbled upon a Miku & Gumi song called Matryoshka. It employs a favorite song structure technique that I tend to use myself. It shifts it’s key upwards towards the minor third from the first root heard. My wording is probably off; I never properly studied music theory so I can only do so much. Just imagine the standard guitar minor scale being shifted to the right on the neckboard (on a right handed guitar) three frets.

Anyways, there’s that. Back to playing the Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta.


Gumi vs Miku! Fight!

Drawn by sakon

I’m pretty late to the party, but now or never. I found two VOCALOID videos of Miku and Gumi singing the song Dearest that’s from the ED of Inuyasha’s 3rd season. If you haven’t heard that song yet, you can go visit youtube and find it there. There’s a couple of duds though, so try to find the Japanese one with Hamasaki Ayumi singing. After that, hit these links:

(Miku version), and (Gumi version).

I already knew Miku and her cohorts would be able to sing like humans if they simulated the effects of breathing. A human sings on lung capacity and a machine doesn’t. I find that interesting to realize that a perfect singer (i.e. vocaloids) needs to have human flaws if we want to hear good singing.

In any case, my nutbladder nearly exploded when I heard Gumi sing Dearest. Japan, the land of Nutbladder Targetting Weaponry, I salute you.