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Stay Gold, Koko-Chan.

Half way into this season I stumbled across Golden Time. I saw the first four episodes or so and then stopped watching it. It’s not that I didn’t like it; it was more like I was having an “I’m too busy playing Pokémon to watch anime” phase. I remembered the last episode ended on a cliff hanger, so I recently picked it up again. I ended up marathoning this anime until I was current on the episodes that had been released. Safe to say the more I watched this anime, the more I enjoyed it.

I don’t know what it is with me and romance dramas, but I really like this one for a number of reasons. The comedy in this anime isn’t too bad. There’s a number of scenes I can recall that made me chuckle. The story itself is interesting as well. The main character, Tada Banri, suffers from the overused cliché that is amnesia. But rather than seeking out to regain his past, he just carries on his life and starts fresh. I normally tend to ignore the main character, but Banri is a main character that I can at least appreciate.

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