gg GJ Club.

With a nearly anemic opening episode and several episodes of alpha wave inducing vibes, GJ Club escalated very quickly into quirky character antics. The quicker a show can do this, the more likely I am to stick around. I watched the first two episodes wondering what the hell I was watching. Is this it? All I’m getting is a single set piece and they muck around in it? This can get boring real fast. Sometimes I appreciate such things, like the 7+ minutes of Nagato and ambient noise in The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Or even the dinner table segment in FLCL. But for all the exceptions, there’s a helluva lot more that need to follow the guidelines.

They manage to move the characters to other locations besides the club room before I got fed up with club room specific antics. I would like to reference Seitokai no Ichizon as being exemplary of treading this line dangerously. Short one-off jokes can quickly become annoying if there is no greater arc of conflict, story, or joke to help contain it.

Going back to GJ Club.. after re-watching a couple of the previous episodes, the trolling that the rest of the cast does towards Kyoya isn’t as cringe worthy as I thought. Probably because in the end, it’s rather harmless, and Kyoya himself understands that. Whether or not should he react strongly, is what the audience gets to participate in. I’ll have to admit to wanting a more dominant attitude from him, but his voice really achieves a pacifist tone without a seiyuu just trying to sound as relaxed as possible. Or I’m wrong and Shimono Hiro is simply speaking slower and calmer than usual.

Except for when he can be Oré-Man. Which is fucking silly AND still manly, somehow.

More lovely Miku after the break.

gg GJ Club.