Shirobako’s Takanashi


I absolutely love this show because it’s managed to get me to sympathize very quickly and efficiently through conflicts of passion, idiocy, miscommunication and professionalism all rolled into one heck of a package. It also draws once again from a common but undervalued pool of tricks: characters you love to hate. Takanashi, the guy with the faux-blonde hair on the left in the above image, let’s me channel Louis C.K. levels of hatred. You’re not supposed to like him. (At least, I don’t. If you do, then.. go right ahead.) In this episode (5), he’s effectively ruined the production company’s workflow while somehow still persuading himself he’s doing his best, when his lack of professionalism and imprecise wording has essentially removed Endou, the Animation Supervisor, from the picture for a key episode, while refusing to inform Honda what he needs to know. Sometimes round about and improvised solutions are needed in cases where adaption is key.

This is not one of them, and I’m so very sorry for people like Miyamori. There’s a veritable train-wreck on her hands and it’s gonna take some insane overtime to fix. This show totally makes me happy that it’s finally showing the pain and tribulations that an animation production company [probably] goes through. It almost makes me worry if this depiction is what happened to ACTAS when it came to producing Girls und Panzer. But I have no doubt there’s people watching anime that have no idea this kind of shit can happen behind the scenes, since there’s often people talking with an amount of naivety that seems to not acknowledge this sort of thing.

It’s through shows like Shirobako that I get to freely vent my hate towards a fictional character that are drawing way too many parallels with people I know in real life. Actually, that’s a bit of a stretch, so I’ll say that Takanashi is a concentrated version of many qualities, in a particular ratio, that really gets my gears worked up. These kinds of people, who are unwisely confident and have a poorly constructed mental inter-personal dictionary, are what get my grill going. But just as one could see how quickly I’d turn to rage, the quickest and least painful decision to make is to abandon said waffle-donkler. In Miyamori’s case, I just wouldn’t have the energy to fix a problem if I tried to do it through Takanashi and lead him through. It’s absolutely setup so that if, and when, Miyamori fixes the problem, the best thing ever would be to have Takanashi fired. Or at least be knocked down several pegs of responsibility.

Even as I grow irritated with Takanashi, I’m enjoying the hell out of the show. Because it’s the sort of hate that could be entertaining. It’s not so much that being angry is fun, but it’s been an excellent cathartic release. Like Louis C.K. has said in his stand-up, sometimes when you’re bored, you just pick a random person to hate with all of your soul. Without them knowing you are boiling over absolutely nothing they’ve actually done.

Seriously? Another Takanashi character?

Shirobako’s Takanashi

Nakamura Yuuichi, The Consistent Anime Badass


Nakamura Yuuichi’s characters are consistently portrayed as some badass, although I’ve nothing against it. (He sort of is one, in real life.) Mahouka takes it to unbelievable levels that would make everyone in Kill la Kill want to hug Shiba Tatsuya in hopes of absorbing his powers through osmosis and romance. The only time I know Nakamura’s been some variant of a soft foppy plantain bastard, are the few scenes in Uta no Prince-Sama 1000% I randomly stumble upon on youtube. But that’s not him being a bastard, that was him being a trap. The themes contained therein however are not exactly my kind of thing. It’s probably being deceptive as usual however. The last show I veered away from in repulsion due to its artwork was Princess Princess, a pointy-chin anime filled with handsome young men dressed as girls. It ended up being a decent show. At least I didn’t need someone or some contraption to hold me down while watching it. Surprisingly, that wasn’t my first introduction to traps, despite being released way before OtoBoku, which was my first trap sighting.

Traps?! Engage tactical invasion! I mean.. evasion!

Nakamura Yuuichi, The Consistent Anime Badass

Girls und Spreadsheets


There was some sort of special included on the Blu-ray that weren’t translated for a while. I somehow stumbled upon the torrent which contained the third episode translated. The Tank Corner, hosted by the show’s resident tank aficionado Akiyama Yukari, is mostly a debrief on the various tanks used throughout the show. I enjoyed it. I barely know anything about tanks aside from basic armor factoids, so this looks like an awesome extra that I hope gets retained when it becomes localized. This third episode had focused on the North American tanks.

Patiently awaiting the previous and future episodes. I hope this doesn’t turn into some random one-shot translation. It’d be disappointing to be left hanging on these kinds of things.

I saw a snippet from the Military Channel about a Swedish artillery vehicle that is able to fire at targets 31 miles away. You need a separate confirming party just for that kind of shit. Amazing stuff.

Girls und Spreadsheets

Many years occur. 2012 was one of them.


I completely, and totally had 7 drafts of articles that had over 500 words of text. Some close to 1000+. But now I’m lazy, and the only thing I want to post on my blog is nonsensical fluff that always seems to get attention and a picture I screencapped from watching Chuunibyou that represents absolutely nothing that has occurred in my life.

Kyoto Animation, stop being faggots and do an anime with a plot worth everyone’s time. Yes, I enjoyed Hyouka.

More Strike Witches please. Mädchen und Panzer would be nice, too.

The most experimental thing I saw this year was Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita. Get it together, Japan. Where’s my next Serial Experiments Lain?

Sword Art Online for being the next best Best Mediocre anime, alongside with Shingetsutan Tsukihime.

Stop bashing Yamakan. You know you’d be bashing someone else, regardless if they made a good anime or not.

I think people hate how widescreen enabled my site is.

Buy Akikan DVDs for your friends. So they know what “jumping the crust” and pizza money are.

Chihiro from The World God Only Knows/Kami nomi zo shiru sekai is still my waifu.

I regret getting back into manga, only to find out the many that I did read are getting adaptations. Fuck you elitists. I hate this feel so much.

Studio FEEL better not fuck up my Minami-ke. And Hosaka needs more screen time.

Everyone is still Kyon-sexual.


And all the serious things I wanted to say this year will have to wait because I don’t believe in my own writing skill enough that they are ready to be read by other human eyes. People have standards, and the only thing I could ever do in my power is to make the intro paragraph decent enough for you to decide whether or not you want to read the rest.

Many years occur. 2012 was one of them.