Ore no Chuu ga …


This show is dangerously deep into the pool of tropes. But Yukari Tamura is in it as the main female character, so I can’t help but watch more of it.

Which means I’m beyond help now. It almost doesn’t matter if the show is bad or good.

At least the staff has Takeshi Hirooka (Hirouka?). Having a dedicated person as a Director of Photography means they needed someone to deal with.. well, photographic direction of the show. It’s a painfully obvious observation, but the shows under Hirooka-san’s belt are examples of the benefits of having such a staff member. Whether or not you liked the shows he’s worked on, they have angles and screen compositions that befit the show. The only thing left is to watch the show and see if it will benefit¬†OreShura, or if the premise has doomed it from the start.

Right. I didn’t use the proper name for this show.¬†Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru is the full name. “Ore no Chuu ga…” is from here. Warning, contains trace amounts of Wakamoto.

Ore no Chuu ga …