Gakkou Gurashi and Zombies


Just as Asuna’s mom in the above screenshot was getting teary-eyed, I was too, while watching Gakkou Gurashi‘s last episode. I was also crying at how often my website was getting repeatedly injected with weird files and code. I’m no expert in website security, nor did I even take any sort of training for it. The best I can do is download security plug-ins to my WP installation in hopes of keeping that shit at bay. For now, that stuff has been cleared out.

I’d like to get out of the way that Kurumi is best girl. It was heart-wrenching for me to see her thrash around on that couch while a white sheet covered her. Even more sad when Yuuri had flashbacks to the time Kurumi asked Yuuri¬†that should she get infected, to kill her and make it quick. Poor girl couldn’t go through it. I probably couldn’t either.¬†Oddly enough my suspension of disbelief remained active throughout the episode. Normally, if a main character in a zombie apocalypse themed show gets infected, one could always depend on plot armor to get them through. Yes, Kurumi does survive. But for some reason, I wasn’t irritated at all when they discovered that medicine existed. I suppose the concept of the school being fully prepared for an outbreak also had me expecting the solution would be either a suppressant or cure.

A lot of people were already questioning the school being equipped with solar arrays and a water filtration system. But hey, some were also thinking, “Oh, that’s just a Japanese school.”

Gakkou Gurashi was highly entertaining to me. Yes, it did utilize the modern technique of moe girls plus whatever. I have already adapted my tastes. If I were stuck in the 80s and 90s, I would have loathed today’s anime.

Yes, I had that screenscap of Asuna’s mom for a long time and had no reason to use it until now, other than realizing that sometimes I get dacryphilia from anime girls.

Gakkou Gurashi and Zombies