To Aru Ontai no Natsu


J.C. Staff! お前ら!!

You sneaky sneaky bastards. You never fail to place cameos from past works. I almost missed this the first time until I realized that they were palette swapped. Our beloved ladies from Ano Natsu de Matteru have graced the first episode of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. I do find it a bit silly they still had to change Kanna’s hair color. I guess they didn’t want that vivid dark blue color to stand out. Otherwise we would have assumed we’d be seeing more of her. That silly deterministic trait of anime never fails.

Tatsuyuki Nagai helms the directorial seat for Railgun once again. Should be interesting to see how he treats the second season. I’m not too worried since he’s cut his teeth on heavy hitters like Mushishi, Toradora, and G-On Riders. Yes, I still remember G-On Riders. Makes me realize how long I’ve been trying to be a regular anime blogger. Kinda pisses me off that other people get more traffic than me. But hey, that’s all my fault. It’s hard to get people to tell me why they don’t stick around reading, if they don’t bother reading long enough to find me asking them, “Why aren’t you sticking around?”

I’d love to re-watch G-On Riders and write something about it. Maybe there’s something about it still relevant to this day.

To Aru Ontai no Natsu