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I saw that gun on Future Weapons. (Hanasaku Iroha)

This episode reminded me how much I wanted to be a gun nut when I was a kid, but I ended up just playing guitar and reading technical engineering documents for fun. I have no transition to the next topic, so I’ll just have to say that Mamiko Noto gets to shine in this episode. I’ve only watched a few shows she’s been in, and they all used her soft voice. It wasn’t until To Love-Ru that I learned she can do different characters. Getting to see Tomoe’s apartment was interesting. I always like to see a character’s personal living space since it often tells something different from watching them interact with other characters. It doesn’t seem like it was predetermined for Tomoe however — just a regular living space and they had to draw something. Or maybe that was the point? She’s a cake that has still hasn’t been sold 3 days after Christmas. I’d still eat it. (OH YEAH.)

I noticed that a couple of angles were drawn oddly, and sometimes simply incorrectly. Come on, P.A. Works. Get some kind of frame checker or something. That kind of thing shouldn’t be happening unless the artists are doing some kind of rush job and are fatigued from lack of caffeine. I know nothing about animation production, but still. I saw these guys do a phenomenal job on Canaan. Where did that art power go?