Podcast # 9: Because it’s a new year.

Phryne from Fractale. img drawn by hidari

It’sĀ our first podcast of the new year. What else can you expect from an anime podcast? Obviously the forecast for some of the new series coming out, along with us rambling. It is also the podcast while we finally realize we’re essentially without a name. What good is a podcast without a name? Aside from that, we talked about that zombie anime that’s currently out (Kore wa zombie desu ka?), and somehow manage to stay on topic for a good amount of time.. but not without some off-topic commentary.

Fractale gets a rather serious discussion out of us, which we normally tend to veer away from doing. Our focal point on our Fractale discussion is the difference in culture and established norms as we know them today. With the evidence only in spoken lines I assume Fractale is definitely way past the 22nd century, but until dates are given to us, I’ll just have to use an ambiguous time frame. And since we fancy data hopping once we learn about A-1 Picture’s involvement with Fractale, we end up talking about Sora no Woto.

Oh, and I truncated the podcast and a huge section after the 1 hour and 25 minute mark was removed because I honestly think it was wasted podcast time. The first time I’ve ever listened to my own podcast and thought, “Wow. That was really drawn out and unnecessary.” Leave a comment if you’re interested in hearing the full recording.. which I doubt will happen. Nice musical intermission for that cutout was from the Death Smiles OST.

But if you’re wondering what it was, we end up rambling and finding an interesting conversation piece: think of a Japanese name, or surname, used several times over within anime. Then spit out the character you’re thinking of, off the top of your head. See how far your character knowledge reaches without being overwritten with recent & popular characters. We all know who Haruhi is. But is your Haruhi the same as someone else who’s definitely seen way more than you?

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Podcast # 9: Because it’s a new year.