Interdimensional Fortune Cookies


Oh, little fortune cookie. How much energy and fate did you spend to receive a cameo in a random anime?

Sometimes I just sigh at minor details like this. It won’t deter me from enjoying the rest of Hitsugi no Chaika, but when there’s been very little development on the world building side of an anime, something like a fortune cookie never sits right with me. Let’s say the real world game Cookie Clicker has caused a large enough rift in the noosphere, resulting in that the concept of fortune cookies have manifested into other dimensions through artifact memories which invade a person’s DNA, ready to bring a flash of insight to a would be baker to a new culinary delight. The discovery of the fortune cookie would result in an uprising due to a huge culture turnover to the sugar empire. Old economies are destroyed, and created anew. Riots spawn all over the planet, all because there weren’t enough fortune cookies. Lives are lost. And so is my last train of thought.

In any case, go buy fortune cookies. Sometimes happiness comes in the form of fortunes with printing mishaps and your fortune says, “Get out your clothes.”

The low intensity of episode 9 might get people’s panties in a bunch. The kind that’s probably not sexy. Or is it? Doesn’t matter. I got to see loli Akari. I surprisingly haven’t had suffer any nutbladder attacks recently, so this was a decent dosage.

On a more serious note, we get some story on the Acura saboteur village, which Tohru and Akari are from. Finally! I mean, it’s one thing to be watching and getting info dumps left and right because the show wants you to understand everything as soon as possible, because ‘Our universe is awesome, so learn it’. It’s another to be information starved, which I was. Tohru and Akari were veritable treasure chests of lore and character development. It’s been 9 episodes of the Acura two siblings being doubtful, skeptical, and pragmatic (mostly). You don’t get that kind of professional vibe from a happy-go-lucky village of butter .. smiths. Butter meisters? What’s the occupational title for one who makes butter?

I’ve been hard derailed due to fortune cookies and butter. I should have expected this, since I’ve been binging on episodes of Good Eats featuring Alton Brown. Man’s a master chef, it’s gotta be said.

Interdimensional Fortune Cookies