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Moyashimon and Kiviak

Moyashimon has a special place in my hard drive. I promised myself to keep several copies of the initial series across every hard drive I buy or own. Thankfully, none of them have ever been corrupted. At the same time, I’m happy that BSS has released a batch torrent not too long ago containing the BD rips. The quality is great, and looks nice on a 59 inch plasma TV. I’m currently re-watching it while I’m waiting for more episodes of Moyashimon Returns. Right in the first episode, I laughed at the kiviak scene with Professor Itsuki.

Then I got curious about kiviak, and learned that it was in the third episode of Human Planet, a BBC documentary. Now I’m super curious to try and taste it, since the documentary said it’s like intense Gorgonzola cheese. I’d probably have to travel to Greenland to try this Inuit dish however. I doubt anyone serves it down here in California.

I really appreciate details in anime like how kiviak was in Moyashimon. It’s something that’s in real life, and fortunately for us, it’s often food. Food anime exempt, of course. Mentioning one would be cheating. Then again, that didn’t stop me from trying that rice cooker bread that was shown in Yakitate!! Japan.

Come on anime industry, someone license Moyashimon already!


Strike Witches Season 2

My favorite characters, Perrine (left) and Yoshika (right). A Lynette (center) is fine, too.

Oh man. Where to begin? I absolutely loved Strike Witches, so I was super hyped for season 2. In order to prepare for it, the crew here at Maserbeamdotcom decided to marathon the entire first season the day before the first episode of S2 aired. It was a good 6 hours of pantsu and plot. For those who wrote off the show as mediocre, they are mistaken. It is pure win. I’m not biased, honestly.

I don’t like thinking to deep or analytical about anime, when it comes to the type of show that Strike Witches is made to be. It’s rather cheeky fanservice, but not so blatant and crass as Queen’s Blade or Seikon no Qwaser. Those shows just felt so revolting. So what’s different with Strike Witches? For one, Strike Witches doesn’t have any girls with disgustingly large breasts that would be physically impossible. And the premise: A foreign invader with overwhelming power suddenly hikes up the intensity to conquer Earth, and the only thing we could think of to defend ourselves with is a jury rigged mechanical device made to augment and convert witches’ latent magical power for use in military applications. The details behind this odd idea is actually fairly interesting.