My body can’t handle Flip Flappers.


This show is seriously everything I enjoy about anime. I see it as a mish-mash between FLCL and Sailor Moon. With added LSD, grit, ham and a handful of fabulousness that just leaves me unsatisfied just enough that I’m already hurting for the next episode. FUCK. I REALLY enjoy this show.

There’s also tons of excellent animation.

Does this mean that you should watch this show? Well, that’s where it gets hard to say. As much as I’d like to beat it over your head that you should be watching it instead of reading this, it feels like you have to enjoy this kind of thing from the get-go. FLCL is relatively polarizing, but so much of the vibes I’m getting Flip Flappers seems to be sharing the same themes and visual oomph. I’ll have to leave the plot and story analysis for later, if not to others who’d do a far better job of that than me.

Parts of it, if it isn’t apparent, is the mahou shoujo element that is reminiscent of Sailor Moon and their contemporaries. I’m not as much of an avid watcher of that genre, my experience feels like it’s limited. My finished watches include Madoka, uta~kata, Umi Monogatari, Is This A Zombie? (masou shoujo. whatever. technicalities.). I’ve seen more than that, but not enough to feel like I can say that I watch mahou shoujo. With that said, it’s partial evidence that one doesn’t need to like the genre just to watch Flip Flappers.

.. Who am I kidding? Do the two episode test. The vision of this show is very stable and laser focused so far, you’d be hard pressed to say – even after a plot twist – that the show doesn’t follow through with it’s starting inertia.

My body can’t handle Flip Flappers.

Flip Flappers is my new drug.


Despite the initial reaction I had at almost all moments during this show, which was of utter discombobulation and disarray, Flip Flappers washed over my eyes and burned itself quite snugly into a worn sofa that shares space with FLCL and Kyousogiga. I’m already dumbfounded that a show managed to combine said two shows zany vibes and continue on the same type of trajectory the entire episode. Not to mention the first episode is filled to the brim with moments of sakuga. Seriously. There’s so much extra oomph for all the key-frames.

If I weren’t so lazy at the moment, I’d go look up the animators behind my favorite cuts, but thankfully it seems like many sakuga fans will be posting it and sourcing them on the sakuga booru. It’s getting lots of traction. I can only hope the first episode inertia just continues to increase.

Although that would mean my hype levels for this show will escalate exponentially to the point of painfully waiting for each week to get my fix of Flip Flappers. Truly, this show is my newest drug.

Flip Flappers is my new drug.

Everyday Is Awesome Battle


Once again, Trigger manages another show filled with very jelly like key-frames that make me want to go re-watch FLCL. And much to my enjoyment, the script for this show manages some trope killing in the process. When Kanzaki Tomoyo blushes after being told her actions reflect jealousy, our MC, Andou Jurai breaks up the bland situation with a level headed response that makes Tomoyo regret reacting at all to him. Tomoyo is frickin’ adorable. The double star hairpins and hair bow help.

Getting such a streamlined package is a sin. Actually, these industry veterans are too good. They way they time the face zoom ins are great. Almost MLG level. The watery eye zoom-ins on Chifuyu destroyed my nutbladder. Kudou Mirei’s love struck sparkly eyes aimed at Andou give me 6-inch grins. And Andou’s appreciation for Tomoyo’s nickname is hilarious. All of this from a show named Inou-Batoru wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de. Yes, it has been adapted from a light novel. If you’ve made the decision to avoid LN to anime conversions at all costs, well, this is one of them.

If you need a comedy that does not take itself seriously this seasons, this appears to be it. I also have no idea how to shorten the name so it fits in WordPress’ category field.

I’m at a crossroads. Do I root for Kudou, or Sayuri? Even Tomoyo is nice too. I’ve always had a thing for red-heads. But Kudou has that silly maiden-in-love mode that makes her an interesting wrench in this massive pile of “slight feelings for Andou”.

I like wobbly reaction faces. Not enough of that kinda thing.

I would seriously die laughing if Andou x Kudou ends up being TRUE END, even after what transpired in episode 2, completely ignoring the source material. (Unless that’s what happens.)

Everyday Is Awesome Battle

Hitsugi no Chaika – 05


I’m really diggin’ this show. And it’s not just because the design behind Akai-Chaika. Nor is it because Akari’s violent BroCom interruptions. There’s so much just going right, I’m having a hard time trying to pay attention to any failings the show does have.

It doesn’t come off as an absolute twist in the plot, since it was discreetly shown early in the episode, but the reveal of a second team acting independently from the original Chaika trio is interesting enough for me. I like these sorts of reveals, because they don’t  readily answer and close questions faster than they can spawn. In fact, sometimes we’re better off not knowing. The amount of interpretation and fan written thoughts, observations and creations easily start to outnumber official material. Having that bit of mystery just helps it out. It’s also incredibly entertaining, if we’re going to go by just how much fan-made stuff gets created.

It’s probably not an original thing. Even I, who hasn’t read much literature, didn’t have much of a reaction. (Or maybe I just don’t react strongly.) But it’s been way more interesting than the recent entries concerning adolescence and coming-of-age. I’m not against watching anime with that theme (e.g FLCL, Toradora), but I always seem to be falling back to that crutch saying: “It’s all in the execution.” Hitsugi no Chaika so far, doesn’t suck at all. If you’ve been waiting to see if it’s worth watching, you’ve got 6 whole episodes to find out.

Also, Chaika Bohdan’s breasts are the perfect size. That’s is all.

Yeah, I’m behind the release schedule for the show. Doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to juggle Diablo 3, FFxiv, and Minecraft during my free time.

Hitsugi no Chaika – 05

I can’t help but read it as Yume Nikki every time.

Is so sexy, them lips be.
Those finger nails are somehow sexy. Don't look at me like that.

Yeah. I have that problem of reading Mirai Nikki as Yume Nikki instead. Remember that article on this site (if you’ve actually been a long time reader, thanks.) that was about Yume Nikki? That was thanks to kodakami hanging with me at my house; we stayed awake at 4am theorycrafting about Madotsuki’s journey through that twisted dream world. But no, I won’t turn this entry into something about that.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s now here. And boy am I ready for the rest of Mirai Nikki. As said in a previous post, Mirai Nikki is something I’ve been waiting for. I had read the manga a long time ago, and assumed it was going to be turned into an anime. The format just seemed prime for an adaptation, and look what I get several years later. In fact, I’ve never noticed it until recently that the manga I really end up liking get adapted. Is this a hindsight type of reaction? Maybe. But it further cements the idea that I at least certainly prefer animation.

Click me if you can read walls of text that don’t exactly always fully pertain to the anime at hand.

I can’t help but read it as Yume Nikki every time.