Demon Lord, Schmemon Lorde



I was fine with most demon lord themed anime. Part-time Demon Lord (Hataraku Maou-sama) and Backseat Demon Lord (Ichiban no Ushirou Daimaou) were shows I enjoyed, the former being several orders of magnitude better. What helped a lot were charismatic MCs that had a backbone, or at least the ones doing the straight-man role. Both shows had introductions that sat very well with me. Shinmai Maou no Testament has only a sliver of redemption right now. A lackluster, by the books MC, armed with a canned script is what I got for an entire 16 minutes. Only after that point, did it turn around and show something interesting and just compelling enough to warrant a second episode viewing.

So that’s my first warning of this Winter 2015 season. Shinmai Maou no Testament may not be bad, but it now has the hardest job of proving that it can be different. It’s really the best position to be in, if it wanted my morale support. Look bad, but swing it around a couple of episodes later. I’m always happy when a series can do that.

But.. oh boy. I was so ready to close the window and move on. It’s that goddamn clichéd line shitbag protagonists say in anime, good or bad. Every time I hear any variation of the line “You’re mistaken!” or “This is a misunderstanding!”, I cringe. Normally, I am able to take it, when considering the contex. It dilutes the effect. Numbs the pain a little. Shinmai Maou no Testament failed here, and my mouse was hovering around the ‘Terminate Window’ button immediately, ready to close if the show pulled any more hi-jinks like that.

I managed to calm down and finish the episode. Will watch next episode still. Not exactly looking forward to it though. Seems a little too predictable.

This show has a demon loli retainer serving a demon princess, for god’s sake! That’s my thing, my konomi! 好み! Even that wouldn’t be enough if this show proves to be a slog.

Demon Lord, Schmemon Lorde