Witch Craft Works with Opinions! (EP5)


What is it with and J.C. Staff and Kugimiya Rie? I’m not complaining, but holy cow, these two collaborate so much that I’m guaranteed Kugyuu nearly any season of the year. Some sort of Perennial Kugyuu Effect thanks to them. I adore her character in Witch Craft Works. There’s something about a woman in a military overcoat, blouse and tie that tickles my jollies. The lab coat.. seems excessive. You can’t be a military lab research office lady. Or can you? send pics pls

I’m still intrigued about Chronoire. They’ve given her a moderate amount of mystique that I can’t help but want more. Aside from my obvious fawning over her, this latest episode suggests that her goals and plans are long-term rather than satisfying some immediate goal. I like characters who take their time, patiently and cautiously advancing their agenda. My initial impressions of Medusa was that she was supposed to be some sort of sealed monster of power. But a single episode resolving and revealing her conflict versus Honoka was a let down.

For all the silly debacles we create in the anime community over translation and editing, there’s a huge group that prefer literal translations. And then there’s the ones that provide a more liberal localization. There a big difference in tone between, “You’re up. ‘Sup, Takamiya-kun?” and “Oh, you’re awake, Takamiya-kun?” Which one do you prefer? Which one is right? At the very least, neither of these lines are incorrect. I prefer the regular (latter) response, because Medusa isn’t using any specific mannerisms, nor is it portrayed to sound as informal as the “‘sup” might intend. However, if Medusa had said it in a fruity manner, or any other manner, I would have taken a different translation, because a flat text translation response (e.g. “Oh, you’re awake, Takamiya-kun?”) wouldn’t carry the tone of the voice. Properly doing translations this way means that you don’t have to include translation notes. Well, I guess even saying “properly” is still a subjective thing. If you’re a spoony translator that doesn’t fear the beer, I suppose anything would work if the spirit of the language tastes the same. (Yay, puns.) It’s hard to say which translation I prefer. I’ve been watching both FFF and HorribleSubs without any gripes, so pick what you like. Besides, it’s been forever since we’ve gotten entire plot rewrites. I seem to always forget which anime had nearly all of its dialogue mangled to the point of no return. Must’ve been bad enough to keep locked away in my brain.

CrunchyRoll’s translations are at best, average. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you’re at the mercy of them to watch any shows that are left untranslated by the community. I don’t think it’s such a bad thing when a show like Saki gets eyeballs thanks to CR. All that mahjong terminology would have been a giant slow down if some fresh-pint with only a year of Japanese language study attempted to translate the series. Good thing we still have options.

And yes, I still have a grudge against Mazui’s translation note during one of the most important scenes in the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi movie.

I’m going to start organizing shows by categories in WordPress. For the longest time I’ve been using the tag system, but it seems like it’s going to be hell when I want to specify which show I’m writing about. Talk about learning by doing. Silly when you consider almost everyone else does it that way.

Witch Craft Works with Opinions! (EP5)