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Sora no Woto aka K-ON! v1.5a

As some people already know, there was a small blurb of the second season of K-ON!. Our wonderful little moe blob show shall continue. But some of us could swear it already started. A-1 Pictures has graced us with a new show called Sora no Woto, which I’ll call K-ON! version 1.5 for now.

It’s got 5 girls and it’s a show about music (kinda). So it’s K-ON!.

Joking aside, this show does have an uncanny resemblance to the art of Kyoto Animation’s recent works. It’s been said in the podcasts as well. But will you really succumb to the frothing-at-the-mouth mob of angry animu fans who say that “shit show is shit”? Anyone who has a professional eye could see that the literal animation is different from KyoAni’s style. If you ask me, it looks closer to the animation of Kannagi and Canaan in terms of character deformation between the frames. Less wonky, but more lanky. Ah hell, you don’t even need a professional eye. But you would do best without the notion that you’ll hate this show, simply because someone else hated an entirely different show. I’ll address this in the upcoming podcast next week, so be sure to listen to that.

I really have no qualms with the show. Then again, I have a high resistance to the anonymous retards in the internet anime community, so I rarely talk shit about a show without at least having seen one episode. As an internet person, sometimes I also partake in the “hate it because it’s all for the fun of it” kinda thing. But sometimes the zealots out on the interwebs would indicate otherwise. Serious business.